Kirby Smart: “We had a Hat on a Hat”

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Kirby Smart: “We had a Hat on a Hat”

Sony Michel (1) and Nick Chubb's
Sony Michel (1) and Nick Chubb(27) Practice ball handling skills in practice.

Kirby Smart addressed the running back situation during his press conference on Monday. The media wanted to know if Smart thought that he cleaned up the issues the team was having when it come to running the ball. Smart elaborated on the topic and let the media know that it varies from the team they are playing and how physical they are.


“Yeah I think again a lot of that is based on not only who we are or what we run but who we play. The bottom line is the bigger and more physical they are up there, the harder they are to move. So we have to be creative, and we have to have the right runs, the right fronts, um we have to be stubborn enough to be able to run those at the same time allow Jacob to use his strengths and use the wideouts. But this is a really good Auburn defense. They’ve stopped people, so we are going to have to find ways to run the ball and find ways to be creative and get some plays or maybe you get some easy throws, but it’s not that easy to do. Alright when you watch their defense, they have a good defense. But to answer your question about Kentucky, we were able to run efficiently because we had a hat on a hat. And if you get a hat on a hat you like to think that your back can win on their one tackler for three or four yards. And you know when we did what we were supposed to do you got a hat on a hat, we usually had a successful play, and when we didn’t, they stopped us.”

Smart told the media that the success of a run game depends on the size of their defensive line and the ability for the Georgia offensive line to push off and get that hole for the back. He credited capacity to run against Kentucky because the line pushed back and they were able to open the holes up for Sony Michel and Nick Chubb. Winning the trenches has to be done to be able to run the ball, however, when it doesn’t happen the team must get creative and try new things.

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