Kirby Smart: “You’re Always Trying to Reinvent the Wheel”

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Kirby Smart: “You’re Always Trying to Reinvent the Wheel”

Kirby Smart
Kirby Smart


Kirby Smart talked to the media Tuesday afternoon after the Bulldogs held practice No. 2 of the week. Georgia struggled against Auburn last week and a media member asked Smart about what they do when they struggle. 

Smart told the media the team always tries to reinvent the offense. He told the media that the team has some plays that always work and others that don’t. However, if something doesn’t work it doesn’t mean they will change everything about the offense. Smart says you may change some things, but not everything.


You’re always trying to reinvent the wheel. You look for new ideas, new plays but you can’t throw everything away and start anew. You got certain plays you run and you’ve run them since camp. You try to window-dress them some different ways. You try to execute better, protect better, give the quarterback a chance, maybe give him some easier throws but you’re not trying to change everything.”


Despite struggling on offense against Auburn, Smart believes what he’s doing is something that will be successful. Smart made the point that the offense decides on plays during camp and uses them during the season. However, there will be some changes, but not much.



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