Kirby: What To Watch From The Quarterbacks On G-Day?

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Kirby: What To Watch From The Quarterbacks On G-Day?

Jacob Eason (10) and Jake Fromm (11)
Jacob Eason (10) and Jake Fromm (11)

Kirby Smart appeared on the Buck and Kincade show (680 The Fan) Monday afternoon. When asked by one of the hosts to list some of the things to watch for from Georgia’s quarterbacks on G-Day, Kirby responded:
Well, I think the obvious answer to that question would be is the ability to be accurate, to put us in the right play and throw and catch the ball. I think a lot of times quarterbacks are measured by statistics which are completions and attempts and interceptions and touchdown passes, but there so many other things that go into it. You know, putting us in the right play, the right run check vs. the right front and the accuracy. That’s the big things, does he throw and catch the ball well and run the offense?
The great thing about our spring game is that we have a lot of two-minute in it, so you get to see if a guy can go tempo, get up there and get to the line and get the offense going, which I think Jacob and Jake both do well. You’ll get to see them do it live on Saturday.

When asked about changes that can be expected in the offense and play calling in his second season, Kirby elaborated:
I think it’s a combination of a lot of factors. When you think about a third offense in 3 years for a group of offensive players, when you think about a quarterback that is a true freshman straight out of high school walking into what is, arguably, the best defensive conference in the country. It’s not easy to walk in and play quarterback. You can look a long time and not find a lot of successful freshman quarterbacks in this conference – because this conference will chew you up and spit you out.
So there are some limitations there, and obviously, some predictability comes about when you want to get good at things. We think we have improved some of that; we’ve got some guys more ready to play. We have got to do a good job up front by getting movement and allow yourself to have a run game, but some of that run game is created by your ability to throw. They definitely complement each other, and I think Jacob has improved in that department. It still remains to be seen, can he do it in a game situation? We hope to simulate that on Saturday to find out.


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