Lamont Gaillard The Rock Of The Offensive Line

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Lamont Gaillard The Rock Of The Offensive Line

Lamont Gaillard (53)
Lamont Gaillard (53)

During his press conference, head coach Kirby Smart stated that senior Lamont Gaillard is the rock of the offensive line. He’s a leader on and off the field. Gaillard continues to grow into the role and embrace it. 

“I think he’s the rock, you know. You got one guy in there, and that’s always one of the toughest positions to replace, is that position. That’s the voice, that’s the leader. That’s the guy that handles it all. And Lamont has done a good job of that communicating across the board, different fronts, different movements, different looks,” Smart states. “He’s the guy that leads that room through vocal and through kind of being the guy that’s done it the most. So it’s important to have him part of it, but all that stuff factors in. Continuity is really important in the offensive line and whether Andrew is beside Solly (Solomon Kindley) or Cade is beside Solly. That guy in the middle is one of the centerpieces, and he’s done a good job leading that group.”

Smart isn’t the only one that notices how vital Gaillard is for the offensive line. His quarterback Jake Fromm knows just how crucial he is for the team.





“Lamont is huge. To have those interchangeable parts along the offensive line, he gets those guys moving in the same direction,” Fromm said. “As far as the offense, if we are doing that, then we are going to be successful.”

Gaillard grinned when told that Smart called him the rock of the offensive line. When asked what that meant to him, he kept it short and to the point. However, his body language said that he was proud that his head coach thought that of him.

“It shows what I’ve prepared myself for,” Gaillard said. “I’ve come to be that person, and I  wanted to be that person.”










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