Last Test For Georgia’s Offensive Line

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Last Test For Georgia’s Offensive Line

The Auburn Tigers are (6-3) and have had a relatively disappointing year even with the two biggest games of their season still left.

An inept offense has restricted them from being a complete football team, and they’ve relied heavily on the backs of their defense.





People tend to forget that Auburn’s front seven is really good.

While the Bulldogs should win this game, the offensive line will be dealing with arguably its toughest challenge yet.

Derrick Brown, Marlon Davidson, Dontavius Russell are all stout defensive lineman that will not be moved easily and have supreme confidence in their abilities.





‘’They’re big, they’re physical, they’re quick, they’re athletic.  A lot of them are gonna be high draft picks.  We’ve been against them before.  It seems like they’ve been there forever.  They’re talented, and they do a good job up front.  I think the biggest thing is being consistent.  You’ve got to keep chopping wood.  You can’t expect to get a lot of movement early on those guys.  They’re heavy, and they strike.  We’re gonna strike.  Two guys striking each other, two stubborn teams.  They wanna stop the run, and we want to run the ball.  We’ll see how it goes.’’

With only three remaining games in the regular season, this will be the last matchup where the offensive line will be challenged.

It sets up perfectly for the Bulldogs to get one more taste of an elite defensive line before they play Alabama in Atlanta.





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