Ledbetter Leading the Defense to Missouri

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Ledbetter Leading the Defense to Missouri

Jonathan Ledbetter (13)

Senior defensive end Jonathan Ledbetter has been a strong leader for the defense this season. He is well experienced, having played 512 snaps last season and started in 11 out of 15 games.
Yesterday, surrounded by press, he spoke about the challenges Georgia will face against Missouri this weekend. “They have a great football team. They have a great passing game and a great quarterback that is seasoned, he (Drew Lock) has been there for a while. We played him last year and the year before that. We’ve had close games with them and it is just going to come down to executing,” said Ledbetter. “We’ll have to have a lot of communications like we did in the South Carolina game. We also have to just play smart and play in the ways that benefit the defense. We don’t want anybody isolated in this game. We are going to try to play as a unit.”
One thing he said would not be difficult for Georgia is playing in the early-day heat. “We do practice in the prime-time heat of the day which is good for us. It definitely works a lot of guys out for those games that are in the middle of the day and are 90-degree weather, because you are more prepared for it,” said Ledbetter. The upcoming game will begin at 11 o’clock in the morning local time but the Dawgs are well prepared and conditioned.
According to Ledbetter, Georgia’s performance this Saturday comes down to how the team communicates and executes plays.

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