Malkom Parrish’s Injury Outlook

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Malkom Parrish’s Injury Outlook

Kirby Smart having a conversation with Malkom Parrish (14)
Kirby Smart having a conversation with Malkom Parrish (14)

Malkom Parrish was the Bulldogs most experienced cornerback coming into the season but now that he has gone down with an injury, they will have to turn to some younger players. However, it looks like the news is not as bad as it first appeared as Kirby Smart gave an update on Parrish’s status and the team may have him back sooner rather than later.

When asked about Parrish’s situation, Smart let the media know that Parrish did indeed have foot surgery on a small, broken bone in his foot and the timetable for his return would depend on how well everything healed.
Smart said that he did not have an exact date of when Parrish would be able to return and he was not ready to rule him out for the season opener. However, he did say that he expected Parrish to be out for two to four weeks.

“We think he could be back anywhere, really, in the next two to four weeks,” said Smart. “We don’t know how long it’s going to be. So he’s not been ruled out for the opener, but we’ll see how it goes day-to-day.”

I believe the Bulldogs will not try to push the envelope on Parrish and risk his chance of getting injured again by trying to get him ready for the season opener against Appalachian State. However, I believe the staff would like to do everything they can to have their senior cornerback ready for the Bulldogs meeting with the Notre Dame Fighting Irish in South Bend.
If Parrish is not able to overcome his injury before Notre Dame, then I believe they will sit him for the Bulldogs meeting against Samford and they will try to prepare him for their SEC opener against Mississippi State.
The Bulldogs will eagerly await the return of Parrish and if everything heals up properly, then the senior may be able to start for the Bulldogs second all-time meeting with the Fighting Irish. However, until then, they will rely on Aaron Davis and Tyrique McGhee at the corner position.
Check out Kirby’s comments on Malkom Parrish’s injury and the secondary starting at 1:45 in the video of the press conference:



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