MJ Sherman shares that he had to remain resilient as a reserve pass rusher last season

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MJ Sherman shares that he had to remain resilient as a reserve pass rusher last season

Last year the Georgia Bulldogs fielded one of the best college football defenses in history. Not only did they produce elite statistics having the best scoring defense in the country and holding opponents to an average of just 269 offensive yards per game. But they produced talent at an elite level as well with 8 defensive players getting drafted this past April.

They did all this with outside linebacker Mekhail “MJ” Sherman playing a reserved role on the defense. But now in 2022, we can confidently say we’ve seen him get more playing time. He just isn’t playing exactly where we thought he would…

Rather than seeing extended time on the defense at outside linebacker, Sherman has taken on a larger role on special teams. Speaking about that role he said, “As seriously as you take your nine to five job is as seriously as I take my special teams job…”





But even though he knows he’s helping the team win, Sherman would be remiss if he didn’t admit that he felt a bit disappointed not being able to contribute on the defense. 

Sherman is comfortable sharing that he lacked in his pass rush ability last year and it appears that he’s still working on that. He’s been working on becoming a more efficient pass rusher asking for tips from teammates Nolan Smith and Robert Beal. Coach Smart said, “…he knows he is still developing as an outside linebacker.”

Something else Sherman has been working on was his own sense of humility, understanding and connection with his team. The Baltimore native explained that it was connection that “really helped me stay grounded and humble throughout the process of being a reserve.”





This third year linebacker could be starting just about anywhere else in the country, but he continues to stay and play his role. Sherman gave his dad credit for his “resiliency.” It keeps him going because he knows what lies at the other end of these 3 or 4 years. He’s focused on the bigger picture. 

MJ Sherman is a team player who puts his guys first. He knows that he has to earn his spot on defense if he wants to see more playing time there, so he’s working on that. His discipline is something you don’t see enough in this sport, but it’s just the type of stuff you’d expect out of a guy who was coached by Kirby Smart. 





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