MSU Coach Mike Leach Postgame Interview

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MSU Coach Mike Leach Postgame Interview

On the effort of his team tonight…  

“I thought that they had really good effort and that this was the best game we’ve played this year. I was  proud of the way our guys played, wish we hadn’t come up short but I was really proud of them. This is, by a  significant margin, the best game we’ve played this year.”  

On Will Rogers and if he took another step tonight…  





“I think he;s gotten better. I think our offensive line took a step this week, which I think was important. I think  Will [Rogers] did too. I think as a team, we played improved and we played together better tonight than we  have some. What sucks is we fell short, but I mean it’s hard for teams, generally speaking, to stay on the  field with Georgia, and we were shorthanded. I think we have a bunch of young guys who are getting better  and are going to continue to get better. Anyways, we played extremely hard and well for the most part.”  

On what he’s learned from his team this week and tonight…  

“I think there is a determination on our team’s part to improve and to get better. Then I think that a lot of  these guys on the team, first of all, have adjusted, well, the first thing they adjusted to was playing college  football. We’re predominately freshmen and sophomores and I mean predominately. It’s crazy. Somebody  had an article, and I didn’t realize it was quite this low, but we have the least amount of starters or upper  class in the BCS. Whether that’s true or not, they’re still really young guys. I think they’ve steadily improved,  I think they’ve been committed to improving. I think the guys that it’s whittled down to are pretty nitty gritty  guys. They make you excited and proud to work with every day.”  









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