Natrez Patrick on Red Zone Defense Woes: “…it came from knock-back”

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Natrez Patrick on Red Zone Defense Woes: “…it came from knock-back”

Natrez Patrick (6) lays the lumber on Kentucky WR Jeff Badet (13)
Natrez Patrick (6) demonstrates knock-back to UK wide receiver him Jeff Badet (13)

Natrez Patrick did not shy away from discussing Georgia’s red zone defense issues during his time with the media on Tuesday after practice.
“We noted that we were, like, the 121st red zone defense, which is outrageous. It shouldn’t be like that, and it has definitely been a focus point. Every time we get down there, we’re trying to keep the offense out, no matter what.”
Patrick elaborated on how the defense can improve in the zone:
“I mean, basically, striking blockers. When it’s down there, it is, basically, mano-a-mano. Your playbook is short; there is only a few plays you can run. You are not tricking nobody. You’ve just got to win”
What happened last year with the red zone defense, Natrez?
“A lot of it came from knock-back. We were really getting enough knock-back on the entire defensive side of the ball. Our edges, discipline – it’s a lot that tied into it last year.”
Understanding a problem and working on a solution is what spring practice is all about – even when the solution is punching the other team in the mouth.


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