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New Season, Same Standard

On Thursday, the media had the opportunity to speak with Xavier Truss and Chaz Chambliss. Both players answered questions pertaining to Georgia’s progress through spring practice as well as expectations for this upcoming season.

Chambliss spoke first and talked about taking on a leadership role this year. Chambliss said that it was weird not having the likes of Robert Beal and Nolan Smith around anymore, but it presents a new challenge that he has to embrace. Georgia has one of the more talented outside linebacker rooms in the entire country, but they lack significant experience. The Dawgs will most likely have to rely on Chambliss, Marvin Jones Jr, and Jalon Walker to step up at the outside linebacker position. CJ Madden, Darris Smith, Sam Mpemba, and Damon Wilson are also all young talents that could play an important role in that position. Chambliss is calm and soft-spoken at the podium but has been described as all business when on the football field. His leadership will be key in the development of these younger players.





Chambliss also spoke on the challenges a young player faces when becoming a Georgia Bulldog. He claimed that as an outside linebacker, learning the coverages is the most difficult part to the position and something that he is doing his best to improve upon this off-season. Chambliss told the media that Georgia has one of the toughest defensive systems to learn in the country. It is filled up with complex schemes, rushes, and coverages that is difficult for athletes to learn.

When discussing the expectations for this upcoming season, Chambliss made clear the defensive mindset: “Nobody runs on us, nobody gets third downs on us, and nobody gets in our endzone.” Last year the Dawgs averaged giving up just 14 points per game, and in 2021 they let up an average of only 10. A strong defense is the Georgia standard, and the Bulldogs certainly have the players to post similar numbers again in 2023.

Xavier Truss spoke second to the media. The fifth-year offensive guard was quite personable and gave terrific insight regarding the level of competition in this offense. Truss has been around for three different offensive line coaches and spoke highly of the current holder of the position, Stacey Searels. The guard said that Searels is unorthodox in his coaching methods, but he loves having him around. Truss said that Searels would throw his visor and make large outbursts after some mistakes but is always recomposed by the next play – something that he appreciates.





Truss is a mammoth of a man standing at 6’7″ and weighing 320 pounds. When asked about what he is working on improving, Truss mentioned that he is looking to stay low in pass protection and run blocking. He said when watching film. He noticed he could play lower to the ground and focus on staying more square with his feet. Truss also has emphasized becoming a better combo blocker in the run game – something that will help him reach the next level and succeed in the NFL.

The press conference ended with Truss speaking about his former roommate, Devin Willock. Willock and Truss were close personal friends, and not having him around has certainly been an adjustment. Truss explained that even though he is not around, he sees him every day watching film because all of the film being watched is from last year. “Devin always had this infectious energy and the best way to honor him is to just show up every day with that same energy.” Willock will certainly be missed this year, but the Dawgs are fortunate to have such a great group of young men around to continue his legacy.





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