“Nick Chubb with the game’s first score!!”

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“Nick Chubb with the game’s first score!!”

Nick Chubb and Ron Courson chat prior to Kirby Smart camp day 2
Nick Chubb and Ron Courson chat prior to Kirby Smart camp day 2
Photo: Greg Poole/Bulldawg Illustrated

First, I tend to poke some fun when I log onto Twitter

Yes, there were a lot of “experts” out there on the internets from last October up until yesterday when Nick Chubb was seen participating in full drills with the rest of his team, just like his coach Kirby Smart said he would.

Suddenly, those “rumors” that Chubb was ahead of the prognosticated schedule seemed more than true. Suddenly, whoever starts at quarterback seemed to breathe a sigh of relief.

Suddenly, Nick Chubb proved once again he’s not just some mere human.

He’s Nick Chubb. He wears number 27 for Georgia. And he’ll be the first one to cross the goal line in the Georgia Dome against those baby blues.

Go Dawgs y’all!

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6 responses on ““Nick Chubb with the game’s first score!!”

  1. wet willie

    MMCSDAWG There may be a frenzy alright; but there ain’t gonna be no blowout against a good NC team. I’m as big a dawg fan as anybody; but I try not to be unsound in my expectations. This NC team gave Clemson a strong fight and they’ll be sky high and ready for the Dawgs. I’ll be happy with a win period!

  2. Bulldawg Bob2

    I am frankly amazed that Chubb is where he is at in his recovery process from that knee injury against UT last fall. Young man is simply amazing. To out in the kind of work he has needed to do to be where he is at after surgery speaks a lot towards his work ethic and attitude. Looking forward to seeing him tote the rock again.


    Seeing Chubb cross that Goal line will ignite Dawg nation into a frenzy!!  If Chubb scores in the first Qtr against UNC, it could be a blowout!