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Nick Chubb post practice interview

Nick Chubb
Nick Chubb
Photo: Greg Poole/Bulldawg Illustrated
Nick Chubb is one of the most important offensive weapons in the Bulldogs offense this season and will be relied on heavily by the team. After practice yesterday, Chubb was made available for questions and answered question concerning himself, the freshmen backs, and the offensive line.

Chubb’s interview began with him being asked about how he felt receiving his first hit in the scrimmage last Saturday. Chubb had not been hit since his injury and this hit obviously was going to play a huge role in not only knowing if Chubb was physically ready to take big time hits but also if he was ready mentally. Chubb had this to say on the matter:

It was a big deal. I haven’t played since October 10th and the hard part was mentally, so just taking that first hit, was just ‘alright I’m ready let’s go.’… It means a lot for me to go out there and get tackled like I said after that scrimmage I felt more confidence in myself.

Chubb was then asked if he remembered his first hit and made it clear that he did and was even able to name linebacker Johnny O’Neal as the first guy to tackle him in the scrimmage. Chubb mentioned that during the scrimmage that he was just trying to get back mentally in the mindset of getting tackled. Although Chubb continues to progress to being ready to go game one, he would not specifically state that he would be ready to go and stated that it is still a day by day process but they are doing a lot of things to help his knee out.
Chubb even stated that he felt better after the scrimmage because it helped get rid of mental blocks that he had about being tackled. However, Chubb also stated that he still has his top end speed and he’s felt more confident in himself and all of his teammates after the scrimmage. It seems Chubb confidence is building with each practice and although it has not been confirmed, he should be ready to go for the season opener.
Chubb complimented the freshmen backs and had a lot of praise for these new guys and even said that the two freshmen backs, Elijah Holyfield and Brian Herrien reminded him of Sony and himself. This is what Chubb had to say concerning these young guys, starting with Elijah:

Actually him and Brian are pretty good. They’re downhill runners, Elijah is very powerful and patient back and Brian is elusive and he can do it all, kinda reminds me of Sony. They remind me of me and Sony in some way… Yeah, He’s (Elijah Holyfield) such a powerful downhill back. You know Brian can kinda do it all, wiggle a little bit.

Chubb said that this year the offense is focusing on being more physical and especially the offensive line is trying to work very hard to get moving downhill and help create space for the running backs to go to work. Chubb highlighted some of the offensive line and even paid them a compliment when he started talking about them:

We’ve got five great offensive lineman, who work very hard to get moving downhill and open up some holes

Nick Chubb was also asked if he did any unusual tactics to help out his rehab and he mentioned he did some Taekwondo to get some light contact with his knee. Chubb using this mixed martial arts tactic sparked the question if he would follow in Herschel’s footsteps and maybe have a MMA career after his football career but he politely declined to that notion.
Chubb looks to be progressing very well thus far and I would almost be more surprised to not see him start than for him to start. His progression will be watched closely by everyone as he could have the biggest impact on the offense this season. Chubb is a big time playmaker and he should help push the Bulldogs offense to being one of the strongest in the country.


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