Offensive Lineman takes over Rose Bowl Press Conference in Unique Style

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Offensive Lineman takes over Rose Bowl Press Conference in Unique Style

Dyshon Sims
Dyshon Sims
Photo: Greg Poole/Bulldawg Illustrated


Dyshon Sims ‘wooed’ the media on Saturday, Dec. 30 as he took over for WSB Channel 2 Sports during the Rose Bowl press conference. The offensive lineman took the microphone and proceeded to ask head coach Kirby Smart a series of questions. With kickoff less than 48 hours away, Sims’ lightened the mood with a question that surprised Smart.

Sims opened up with a simple how’s it going and Smart proceeded with, “Who are you, and who are you working for?” Smart went along with Sims which started one of the best media moments of the season. Sims continued the conversation by saying he was with Channel 2 Sports and how he was the reporter of the day. He then proceeded to ask about a new play that Georgia could potentially write up to catch Oklahoma off guard.


I’m with Channel 2 Sports and I’m the reporter today,” Sim states. “You know, a couple sources have been hearing that there might be an offensive play where I could catch a fade route, so we want to know if there’s any truth to that.”


Smart quickly goes along with the question and answers the impromptu reporter.


Absolutely, Smart says.” We’ve got this new play where the tackle becomes eligible, we sprint the quarterback out and he’s got to throw it backwards. It just so happens that he’s not going to be the tackle that does it.”


Then, Sims ends his interview quickly with, “Coach we appreciate you for your time, playa. Have a good one.” He addresses his head coach by playa and doesn’t hesitate at all. The line throws Smart off and replies with “Playa?” and this look of like did he really just say that?


The interaction between the two shows just how much of a bond Smart has with each of his players. Sims ability to call him ‘playa’ in front of the media shows the connection with the head coach. There aren’t many players that can call their head coach ‘playa’ much less anything less than ‘sir’ or ‘coach’. So it showed just how much Smart has gotten the team to buy in and believe in him. After a fun but intense week, the light question boosted the moral. Sims gave a lighter look to an intense week as Georgia prepares for the Rose Bowl set to kick off tomorrow on New Year’s Day, January 1 at 5:00 p.m. ET.




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