Our seniors closed out undefeated at home with Big Jordan conducting the Redcoats, now it’s time for this 2021 team to finish the regular season by checking the State Championship box!

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Our seniors closed out undefeated at home with Big Jordan conducting the Redcoats, now it’s time for this 2021 team to finish the regular season by checking the State Championship box!

Vance Leavy
Vance Leavy

Wow, it really is hard to comprehend that this past Saturday’s victory over Charleston Southern was the final home game for the 2021 season. As Jeff Dantzler always says, “a football season goes by in the blink of the eye.” And later this week, Bulldog fans will be gathering around their tables to give thanks on Turkey Day. Gobble, Gobble … my goodness doesn’t everyone who loves the Red and Black have a ton to be thankful for this Thanksgiving season?

    However, our Bulldogs’ work is far from over as their annual game (except last season due to Covid) versus “The Enemy” has arrived. For our cover, I kept things simple. Checking the box to win the state championship is the goal for our team and their all-world fan base. And who better to don the cover than Nakobe Dean, who has played lights out this entire season. You can bet that No. 17 is ready to leave his mark in Atlanta the next two Saturdays. Like Jordan Davis, Nakobe should be in the conversation for the Heisman Trophy in my opinion because of what he has meant to Georgia’s historic 2021 defense.





    Speaking of Big Jordan, what an amazing way to say goodbye to Georgia. A rushing touchdown (for a defensive lineman) and conducting the Redcoat Marching Band will go down as one of the finest exits by a Bulldog in the history of Georgia football. However, like everyone on his team, Jordan knows there is still plenty of work to be done in this 2021 season.

    Check the box … the State Championship!

    Of course, checking the box this Saturday means doing what this 2021 team has done the entire regular season, focus on that week’s opponent and nothing else.





    The Bees from North Avenue have had a disappointing season, however as Jeff Dantzler’s A View From (page 22) contributor, Wiley Ballard points out, Tech has lost five of six of their contests by only single digits. The lesson is simple on Saturday, don’t let the Jackets hang around at Bobby Dodd Stadium at Historic Grant Field. Swat them early and often!

    Also, don’t miss JD’s column on page 10. He reminds all of us of 1927, when the Jackets dashed Georgia’s undefeated season. It can happen folks, so stay focused because I assure you Dantzler’s wife, Emily, certainly wants to put up a Christmas tree this holiday season.

    In our Social section, you will find a slew of fun photos from the Charleston Southern weekend. While the men’s basketball team, dropped a hard-fought game to Tech this past Friday night, it was still a blast to see Stegeman Coliseum full of fans. I encourage everyone to get to Athens and support both basketball teams over the next few months. And the final football Saturday in Athens didn’t disappoint either … Dawgs 56, Bucs 7. Enjoy the fan photos (beginning on page 28) from the victory.

    Also, please be sure to checkout our Georgia Girls (page 26, 27)) and Proust Q&A (page 40) interviews. These two Grady School of Journalism alums, Caroline Perrott and Keith Pepper, are making a difference in the Atlanta publishing world, which is certainly near and dear to both Cheri’s and my heart.

    Speaking of my bride and me, it’s only fitting that I end this Editor’s Note by saying how thankful we are for our terrific team here at Bulldawg Illustrated. And the same goes to our awesome advertisers, who continue to support our publication. Thank you!

    My final thanks go to the University that I so love and the amazing 2021 football team that represents it. You guys have shown how greatness can be obtained by playing not for yourselves, but your teammates. For this reason, I think the above photo (by Rob Saye) of Stetson Bennett and JT Daniels says it all. Despite plenty of noise out there, these two guys continue to root on and help one another to the benefit of their team.

    Now, it’s time to check the box by winning the state championship and keeping the Governor’s Cup where it belongs. Happy Thanksgiving, Sic Vos No Vobis and Go Dawgs!!





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