Photos: Huge Turnout Excites Kirby and Players

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Photos: Huge Turnout Excites Kirby and Players


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Coach Smart opened his postgame presser with the following comments:

“That was an incredible atmosphere. I tell you, the new pathway that we had to go through, our walk was really neat. It was in a lot more shaded area. We thought there were tons of people there lining it and I know our players really enjoyed it. I really just want to thank our fans for being out there that early. It’s probably a little warmer than I anticipated but I thought they were awesome. Great crowd. To see Nick walk out, to see the seniors, honors, for the season they had, I thought that was really cool and neat. As far as the game, thought there were parts of it that were sloppy. Some of that game was by design. I know y’all will never leave it. Everybody will be asking me about rushing yards or do we have a rushing problem, but if you didn’t watch that game closely, you will realize there was not an intent to rush the ball a bunch, in which we think we have the capabilities of doing that; that’s not the purpose of our spring game. It’s to throw the ball, catch the ball and gain confidence in the passing game. Defense did a really good job of creating turnovers. Two of them were gifts but we got more turnovers today than we got really all spring. Some of the Red guys, I thought Monty played good and did some good things defensively. But I’m really proud of the way the guys competed all spring. They came out in a great atmosphere today. We had some young guys busted up left and right and I’m almost so glad they did because now we’re getting to teach from it, and when we go back, and we have to do it for real the next time, they will have a little less butterflies. Suited up and played in front of a crowd like that — there are butterflies involved in that. Let’s get those butterflies out of the way. I thought they did a good job with that. Stetson came in and had some productive drives. We think Stetson is a competitive kid, brings a little different mobility in there and get out of the pocket and moves around and hit some good throws.”

Jake Fromm:

Andrew Thomas:


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