Poise remains a key for Georgia’s preparation

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Poise remains a key for Georgia’s preparation

Just two days remain between No. 1 Georgia and its biggest test of the season so far, the Alabama Crimson Tide. Georgia head coach Kirby Smart has complimented how well the team has practiced during the regular season to this point, outside of a few subpar practices before the Charleston Southern game.

Obviously, Smart does not have to worry about his team overlooking the opponent this week. However, Georgia will need to stay composed enough to not play the game before the actual game in practice this week. During such an emotional week, that can be a challenge.

“I think it’s very important as a coach that you curb the enthusiasm, you have it under control,” said Smart on Thursday. “This is one of those weeks you’ve got to be careful you don’t leave the battle out on the practice field. You want to make sure they’re ready to go. It’s going to be a really tough, physical game, and you don’t want them to use it all in practice where our guys have been pretty spirited in getting after it.”





Smart also said that the team’s mindset and energy have been “great.” This year’s Georgia squad has been defined by its leaders and seniors, which is why it is hard to believe the Bulldogs’ focus would falter now that they are on the biggest stage against an opponent that they so badly want to beat.

Some players even take some time to acknowledge the stage before another week of practice.

“I do kind of see myself taking a step back just to enjoy the moment early in the week,” said defensive lineman Travon Walker on Tuesday. “But as the week goes on, it all boils down to it’s just another football game, just in a bigger atmosphere.”





Georgia will even keep its travel schedule the same as it would for any away game. Luckily for the Bulldogs, they just played in Atlanta against Georgia Tech the week prior, so it should be a familiar experience getting on a bus 90 minutes west.

“We typically keep the same routine based on the game we have on Saturday,” said Smart. “We don’t change that. It’s usually the same routine we keep throughout the season based on when the kickoff is. So we’ll stay with our traditional schedules.”

Even though Georgia is trying to keep it as normal of a week as possible, everyone knows the prize that is at stake.

“I can say, I really do want to beat [Alabama], bad,” said Walker. “I really want to beat them.”





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