Practice makes perfect: How Chaz “White Wolf” Chambliss is wowing Coach Kirby Smart

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Practice makes perfect: How Chaz “White Wolf” Chambliss is wowing Coach Kirby Smart

Even after what he considered the worst practice of the year, Coach Smart couldn’t help but rave about second-year linebacker Chaz Chambliss, “[He’s] everything a football coach wants. He does whatever they ask. He’s the last guy off the field every day.” In his first appearance in front of the media yesterday, we saw Chambliss up close. We could see that he was a physical specimen, but after listening to what he had to say, it leaves you thinking that there is much more than meets the eye. 

Because of his youth and the fact he wasn’t able to see the field too much as a freshman, the practice facility has been the best place for Chambliss to prove himself, and to this point, it’s worked. Coach Smart mentioned that he’d be in his office and still see Chambliss out on the field putting in the time. Chambliss detailed these post-practice workouts saying, “It all depends on the game plan for the week. Like, depending on what I was good at in practice and what reps I need to get back.”  





Checking himself and correcting what didn’t go smoothly in practice has been a habit of Chambliss’ since before coming to UGA. He gave credit to his former coach saying, “My high school coach always told me, ‘Don’t do the bare minimum,’ so always do extra.”

Although this young man only has one year under his belt, it almost felt like we were talking to a veteran. Not only did Chaz walk in with two loaded guns, a tattoo sleeve, and a slicked-back man bun, but he walked in with this special aura to him. You could tell he was ready to play a bigger role on this defense and that he was more than ready to shoulder that task.

He told us his nickname was “White Wolf,” which seemed fitting because Chaz Chambliss is a certified Dawg through and through.









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