Pro-Style Spread: Georgia’s Offensive of the Future?

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Pro-Style Spread: Georgia’s Offensive of the Future?

Emory Jones
Emory Jones – 2018 quarterback offeree

It is no secret that UGA is offering quarterbacks that can be described as dual-threat. In fact, to date (according to the Bulldogs have offered three traditional pro-style passers and ten dual threat QBs for 2018 – yep, 10.
I find it hard to believe that Kirby is going to completely abandon the basic pro-style. However, the pro-style spread as described in the article below may well be the future, if all those DT offers are any indication.

The modern pro-style offense is basically a pro-style spread itself as teams like the Manning Colts and Brady Patriots found the same things to be true in the NFL but the evolution of language is what it is.

The next phase of this offense is one that Alabama could conceivably devise with Daboll, Locksley, and Hurts in the coming years. A system that utilizes spread sets and QB runs/options while simultaneously fielding at least one and typically two TEs.

We’ve seen hints of this coming in the college football world already. Bill Snyder’s Wildcats have come close with their combination of option, QB run game, and west coast/spread passing. They do a little of everything and when their QB is half-decent in all the components they can become highly efficient. But while K-State regularly employs TEs and FBs in their offense, they don’t really make much of hybrids or flex TEs in their system.

When they’ve really wanted to throw the ball they’ve usually gone with 4/5-wide spread sets while some of their better TEs and FBs over the years have been guys that are out there to block and maybe catch a check down in the flat.


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The times they are achangin’.

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