QB Guru Steve Clarkson on Eason, “He’s going to extend plays within the pocket…”

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QB Guru Steve Clarkson on Eason, “He’s going to extend plays within the pocket…”

Jacob Eason (10), Isaac Nauta (18) and Jackson Harris (88)
Jacob Eason (10), Isaac Nauta (18) and Jackson Harris (88)
Photo: Greg Poole/Bulldawg Illustrated

Jacob Eason just returned to Athens from Steve Clarkson’s quarterback retreat in California. The event included QBs from around the country like Felipe Franks (Florida), Shea Patterson (Ole Miss) and Trevor Knight (Texas). Clarkson appeared on Atlanta’s 680 The Fan (The Front Row) to answer question about Eason and his performance while competing against the best young quarterbacks in the nation.

Jacob actually won our quarterback competition. It was a fierce battle between he and Shea Patterson that was separated by literally 5 points.
Jacob, the first thing, he is very imposing. He is about 6 foot 5, 225 pounds, but he looks and appears bigger than that. He is probably going to top out somewhere, at Georgia, about 245 pounds – I suppose – because his body frame can handle it.
For a big guy, he is extremely nimble. You don’t think that when you see him but he is. He has got a picture-perfect release, I mean it is very tight, he spins the ball very well. His anticipation is second to none. His leadership abilities are what really sets him apart.
He is not Mike Vick, he is not going a take-off and beat you with his legs, but he is going to extend plays within the pocket – those are NFL traits. He will fit perfectly with Coach Smart system… This is a guy, if I’m guessing, you better enjoy himm for the next 3 years because I don’t see him playing four.

When asked if he thought Eason could handle the pressure of playing opening day as a freshman, Clarkson responded, “No doubt.”



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18 responses on “QB Guru Steve Clarkson on Eason, “He’s going to extend plays within the pocket…”

  1. TravisHill

    PatriotVeteran bpUGA09 
    None of us really know if Eason IS ready or can do the job yet…. We should know a lot more after a few weeks into the fall scrimmages ….
    I trust Chaney a lot because he has shown that he is pretty good at grooming young QBs… Yes…. Eason has the tools…. but he has ZERO college game day experience….. and experience takes time to develop…. Rookie QBs in the SEC are chewed up on a regular basis….. I’m going to put all my trust in Kirby’s evaluation…. You don’t want Eason to be shell shocked early on….
    Eason is not even as polished as Stafford was ( according to Dean Legge ) and Stafford had a pretty rough year 1….. Hopefully fans will not expect Eason to be a fully polished signal caller on game 1…
    GO DAWGS !

  2. TravisHill

    I hope Eason will be a great one…. I just want the staff to groom him right… No one needs to think he is going to light it up from day one…
    New Coach….. New Staff……New Systems….
    There will be growing pains….
    But I think Eason will do just fine when Coach Chaney and Smart are willing to hand him the reigns..
    GO DAWGS !

  3. PatriotVeteran

    bpUGA09 Why sit a starter when you know Eason is ready and can do the job.    I agree that CKS will go with a winner and start Eason.     The whole team, especially the younger players are waiting for the “Show of Championship ” to start on September 3rd.       They’ll need double TV Camera’s to cover all the different types of attacks UGA will throw at NC.       No need wasting time.   If CKS really thinks Eason is not ready, he’ll go with whoever, but there will be some angry folks in the stands that will never forgive CKS making the wrong mistake in his first game as HC.

  4. Jesse1

    Kirby won’t pull a Dabo and play around with Stoudt and Watson. I believe whoever has the hot hand ( and the teams confidence as well as the coaches) is the man under center come Sept. 3.

  5. bpUGA09

    Assuming Eason continues to progress over the summer and into the fall, I’m sticking to the fact that Lambert is the starter until he either makes a few bad mistakes or the offense is struggling to get anything done.  The minute that happens, it’s probably going to officially be the Eason era.

  6. HalWelch

    I have said since the season ended that we would have been better with Eason as a HS Senior than we were with Lambert. I’m sure he’ll have to grow into the playbook. But with the skill set I’ve seen he is head and shoulders better than Lambert right now.

  7. DawgByte

    I’m beginning to change my tune regarding Eason starting from Day 1. I still think it would be good for Eason to watch Lambert for a series or two against UNC, then hand him the ball and let the new era begin.