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Quarterback Battle Plan

Jacob Eason (10) and Brice Ramsey repping under the gaze of OC Jim Chaney
Jacob Eason (10) and Brice Ramsey repping under the gaze of OC Jim Chaney
Photo: Greg Poole/Bulldawg Illustrated

Storylines are aplenty during spring practice for the Bulldogs, which is no surprise given a complete staff overhaul for the first time in 15 years. Questions surround Kirby Smart’s ability to transition from coordinator to head coach and Jim Chaney’s offensive philosophy, but the biggest area of intrigue this spring is undoubtedly the quarterback battle. With eight practices and one scrimmage now complete this spring, things are slowly beginning to come into focus regarding the quarterback battle plan.
First and foremost, Coach Smart and Coach Chaney have a plan in place to develop Jacob Eason, and it is a plan they appear intent to stick with. In Saturday’s scrimmage Greyson Lambert and Brice Ramsey split reps 50/50 with the first team while Jacob Eason spent a majority of the scrimmage with the third string and got a few periods of work with the second string. An approach likely designed to ease Eason into the collegiate level of football by allowing him success and also keeping expectations of the Dawg Nation in check.
After Saturday’s scrimmage Coach Smart offered critiques on each quarterback. Coach Smart stated Ramsey needed to improve on his ability to manage the huddle while Greyson needs to be more mobile in the pocket. He also complemented both quarterbacks for leading the offense on scoring drives. As for Jacob Eason, you could see the excitement on Coach Smart’s face during the press conference when he discussed his arm talent and playmaking ability. However, he expressed concern regarding his decision making and ability to properly go through his progressions.
Coach Smart’s overall summary of the Dawgs quarterback play on Saturday was, “We need to improve at that position, I think we have got to help the guys at that position with the way we call it”. Truly, no surprise given the fact that this was the first true in-game situation the coaches and quarterbacks have worked together. It is something that should certainly improve in the second scrimmage this Saturday, April 9.
And don’t be shocked if you hear Coach Smart say after scrimmage number two that they tried to get Eason a little more work with the “two’s”.


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    Jesse1 I think what he was saying is that you don’t want to take away the playmaking ability that makes Eason so special.  For example, as a coach you may normally get upset about your QB trying to make a throw back across the field but with Eason you allow him to do it (on occasion) because he has talent to make throws most QB’s don’t even see.  I.E., you don’t want to completely coach out the Matthew Stafford gunslinger mentality.

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