Where do the quarterbacks stand after scrimmage one, Coach Smart?

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Where do the quarterbacks stand after scrimmage one, Coach Smart?

Brice Ramsey lets it fly
Brice Ramsey lets it fly
Photo: Greg Poole/Bulldawg Illustrated

The number one question for Georgia in 2016 is, who will start at quarterback? Scrimmage one did not provide a clear answer to that question.

Kirby said that he would have to study the tape of scrimmage one before deciding if any of the three contenders moved ahead in the competition. That statement would tend to indicate that no one made great stride or glaringly consistent mistakes. Accordingly, the competition will move toward a shakeout in scrimmage two.


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2 responses on “Where do the quarterbacks stand after scrimmage one, Coach Smart?

  1. wet willie

    Lambert will be the man, and it won’t be by default. He will be a steady and very capable leader. Eason’s time will come, but he won’t be starting unless Lambert is injured.

  2. PatriotVeteran

    CKS will make the final decision and the fans are being completely disregarded in anyway.    IMO, the fans have seen enough of Lambert to know, he had his chance and definitely won’t change any this upcoming year.    CKS will make the choice and although Eason may be young and inexperience, I believe from what CKS has said, Eason is still in the running for being the Starter.        CKS is new, his staff is basically new,   the Freshman are new and seem to be holding their own and I believe Eason is at least equal, in every way, to be the Starter. 

    The first game is non-conference.    It’s UNC’s first game as well and they haven’t been able to review clips of Eason or UGA.    All in all, UGA has a chance to use some new players to beat UNC and CKS should start Eason and several Freshman to give them a first look at playing against a good non-conference team.     If the new folks can’t hang in there, replace them.    If not, let them get as much experience as possible vs. UNC and it will play off, for getting more experience in the second non-conference game.

    Missouri will not be any less an opponent has it’s been since they joined the SEC, but it is an SEC competitor.      Use the new guys to get experience in the first 2 non-conference games in preparing to play teams like Mississippi, UT who aren’t roll over teams.      Give our guys a chance to get some experience when you can and stop wasting time, trying to change Lambert.     Lambert just can’t throw the ball, so teams spend more time trying to stop our RB’s and TE’s.       If you lose the first game vs. UNC, blame it on “we the fans”.    GO DAWGS