Quincy Mauger gives his all at every position he plays

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Quincy Mauger gives his all at every position he plays

Quincy Mauger flying tackle 2
Quincy Mauger flying tackle 
Photo: Rob Saye/Bulldawg Illustrated
[su_spacer size=”20”] Quincy Mauger had to show off his versatility this past weekend as he was moved to the STAR position for some plays due to freshman Rico McGraw’s absence. Mauger made it known that he is willing to play any position or role the Bulldogs need him to play and that he will give his 100% wherever they put him.
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Quincy Mauger was asked about the Bulldogs’ defensive strategy when it comes to dealing with the opposition on third downs. Mauger was asked about if they tend to protect the middle of the field on third down and how he plays the STAR position. When asked about the defense’s third down strategy Mauger had this to say:
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I think the biggest thing when it comes to third down is getting off the field. I think that’s all of our mentality and trying to be the best defense that we can be in executing whether it be in the middle of the field, outside the hash , or the sidelines.

[su_spacer size=”40”] Mauger was asked about what position he played in high school for the most part and Mauger said that he mainly played safety in high school. Then, Mauger was asked if he played any corner and he said that he never got to play any corner but would give it a shot if they needed him. Mauger was then asked if he took the fact that they needed him to play the STAR position as a compliment and he had this to say:
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I don’t know. I mean I just go out there to play the game I love, football. Wherever you put me at I’m gonna try my best to give 100 percent effort for my team, just to try to get a victory.

[su_spacer size=”40”] Since Mauger was moved to the STAR position, another player had to take his place. That player ended up being true freshman Johnathan Abram. Mauger was asked about his opinion on how Abram performed in his first start as a Bulldog and he said this:
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He did good. It takes a lot for any freshman to go out there, under the lights, in a big SEC game. He really kept his composure, communicated well, and gave 100 percent effort.

[su_spacer size=”40”] Mauger has been a key defensive player for the Bulldogs throughout his UGA career and his versatility will add to his great playmaking ability. Mauger is a very hardworking, unselfish player, who should provide even more useful in the Bulldogs’ future.
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