Savannah’s Savvy Insights: Georgia vs. Louisiana Lafayette

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Savannah’s Savvy Insights: Georgia vs. Louisiana Lafayette


Ragin-Cajuns vs Dawgs
Ragin-Cajuns vs Dawgs


Georgia is coming off an emotional win over a Top-10 Auburn team. The last three weeks have been exhausting for the Dawgs. However, instead of coming off the gas pedal this week, the Dawgs need to stay accelerating.

Georgia is playing Louisiana-Lafayette this weekend. The Dawgs are finally wearing their black jerseys again, after eight long years without them. The Black jerseys are going to be fun to see again, and it could give the Dawgs the extra motivation to play hard this week.

Here are three things the Dawgs must do to come out on top:

1: Use the Black Jersey Magic and Produce a Nice Shut Out:

Georgia has yet to shut a team out this season, and it’s long overdue. It’s time for the offense to get going, and just put some big points on the board. It’s the perfect time to let down the “flow” and give sunshine the reins. Eason needs to produce some big numbers this week, and The wide receivers are getting better each week and its time to make some catches.

Nick Chubb also needs to have a big day. After a season of ups and downs, this game should allow him to produce. He should put up some big numbers and score some touchdowns.

Georgia should have no trouble winning this game, but a nice blowout would help boost the confidence of the young quarterback and overall team.

2: Get Control of the Game Early and Keep It:

Georgia has yet to control a match up and keep it. The Dawgs need to put away the Rajun Cajuns early and don’t let them hang around like Nichols State did.

However, if the Dawgs let Louisianna-Lafayette stick around, it could turn ugly fast. The Dawgs must capitalize on everything they do. Georgia’s offense needs to score every time they have the ball, no three-and-outs or turnovers. If the defense turns the ball over than the offense must capitalize and score. Scoring points after a turnover for Georgia are obsolete; it rarely happens and that needs to stop now.

Georgia has to take control of this game early if they want to continue being successful.

3: Make the Defense Great Again:

The defense just came off their best game of the season. They held a talented Auburn offense to 164 total yards. It was a great effort by the defense and a glimpse of the ole junkyard dawgs that use to be so frequently known.

The D must continue this trend, and completely shut down Louisianna-Lafayette’s offense. Especially the Rajun Cajun’s running game. Anthony Jennings, the quarterback, who also has some wheels on him, will be ready to strike. He is deadly in the air and on foot. Jennings is also one of three on the Cajun’s team that is from Georgia, so this will be a homecoming for him.

Georgia’s defense must fight through the bumps and bruises this week and shut down the Cajun’s offense. If the defense does this, then there is not a chance for Lafayette. It’s time for the Dawgs to make their defense great again.

Summing it up:

The Dawgs just need to go out, have fun, and play their game. This game should be almost easy for Georgia. Score points, take control of the game early and let the defense be great again. If the Dawgs can put these three things together, then they will come out on top.

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Savannah Leigh is a recent graduate of the Grady College of Journalism at the University of Georgia. She is an avid SEC, Dawgs, and college football fan. She also adores her four-year-old black lab, Champ Bailey.