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Shotty is Shoddy?

[break] What is up with all of the criticism of Georgia’s recently hired offensive coordinator, Brian Schottenheimer?  What exactly do the critics imagine will change in UGA’s approach to offensive football?
[break] [break] When the season opens Georgia’s offense is going to operate from the same blueprint that it has in the past. Sure, there will be tweaks and Schottenheimer will have the opportunity to put his stamp on the system. But those looking for wholesale change (and resulting failure) will be disappointed.
[break] [break] Barrett Sallee in the Bleacher Report article mentioned above cites Schottenheimer’s record in the NFL as evidence of impending failure in the SEC. With all due respect, I fail to see the correlation. Georgia will not suddenly begin running a Schottenheimer offense. Rather, Schottenheimer will run Richt’s system.  Mr. Sallee seems to be saying that another coordinator would have significantly improved the St. Louis Rams’ offensive numbers. Maybe…but not certainly.
[break] [break] There are glaring differences in the games at the college and pro levels, obviously. At Georgia, success will be far more dependent on how well Schottenheimer trains and motivates, how he relates to players and how deeply players buy-into his leadership than the coldly professional NFL. Is it possible for a coach to be pretty successful at the college level when his NFL resume is mediocre? Ask Nick Saban or Steve Spurrier.
[break] [break] I have learned something new about college football as a result of Georgia’s recent staff changes. Just as any fan can call a better game than the current offensive coordinator, the recently departed offense of coordinator is an instant legend – even before the ‘Fire _____’ website registration expires.

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