Smael Mondon talks about the Mississippi State offense

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Smael Mondon talks about the Mississippi State offense

When you think Mississippi State Football  you should think “air raid offense.” Since coming to Starkville, head coach Mike Leach has really built up the reputation of his passing attack, and the Georgia defense is more than ready to intercept that challenge.

At his press conference yesterday, Coach Kirby Smart was asked if his defense was looking to get increased opportunities to sack the quarterback, but Smart just shrugged it off. He instead emphasized the effective running game MSU has. 

Sophomore linebacker Smael Mondon was asked about the MSU offense as well and said:





“Of course they throw the ball well. Got a lot of good receivers, experienced quarterbacks.”

But he soon after followed up by saying that Leach and his offense have a “pretty good run game” too. 

A high-volume passing attack that’s facilitated by a good running game. It’s almost reminiscent of Tennessee’s methods. The two were compared in a press conference earlier this week but Smart made sure to clarify and let us know that Mississippi State and Tennessee are oh so different. 





Georgia will have to place heavy emphasis on stopping MSU’s running backs. Smart said that one thing that they do well is create space and wide holes to run through because defenders are oftentimes out in coverage. 

In regards to pass rush, you would think that a team like MSU would be a great opportunity for guys to get sacks, but that’s anything but that’s just not the case. MSU can get it out quick when they want to. They understand they’re susceptible to sacks, so they’ve worked their way around it. 

The Dawgs will have to think up something good if they plan on getting into the backfield against Mississippi State. 





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