Smart explains the ‘excitement’ behind preparing for an NFL style offense

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Smart explains the ‘excitement’ behind preparing for an NFL style offense

The Dawgs are back to business preparing to travel to Lexington to take on the Kentucky Wildcats. In previewing the game and the preparation process for it Coach Kirby Smart discussed the player’s excitement for this game in particular. He said the players have enjoyed watching film more getting ready for Kentucky’s “NFL style offense.”

Smart mentioned on his postgame presser after Mississippi State that there had been zero overlap in the preparation for the three week run that was Florida, Tennessee, and Mississippi State. 

Florida was a run-heavy NFL style offense, similar to Kentucky’s but with a slightly different approach. Tennessee was all extremely spread with high tempo running and gunning. And Mississippi State was all about an air-raid offense that was wanting to paper cut you to death. 





The versatility of this Georgia team and their ability to take on any challenge is a big part of this 2022 Georgia Bulldog identity. Smart spoke to that saying, 

“You adapt, or you die.”

That’s what this 2022 defense has been about since its inception in April after it saw almost all of its draft eligible starters be selected in the NFL Draft: adapting.





After three weeks of facing different offenses, this Georgia defense may just find relief playing in Lexington. 

Regardless of what blab you hear, Georgia runs an NFL style offense. Not saying it’s explicitly similar to Kentucky’s in any regard. But similarly to the Wildcat’s offensive coordinator Rich Scangarello, UGA’s Todd Monken has extensive NFL experience.

Georgia’s defense can use that to their advantage this go round. Lining up against an NFL style offense every practice will be helpful. There’ll be plenty of familiarity there. There won’t be time lost in transition, having to learn to pretend to be like a different team like a Tennessee or Mississippi State. 

Glenn Schumann and Will Muschamp should have a fair outing on Saturday. Now we just have to wait and see it for ourselves. 





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