Smart on Defense: “I don’t think anything really stood out”

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Smart on Defense: “I don’t think anything really stood out”

Georgia’s defense is considered by most observers to be the strength of the team heading into the season opener versus Arkansas in Fayetteville. But Kirby Smart insists that his defense has a lot of improvement to do before it can challenge last year’s stingy squad. When asked about his defense after Saturday’s scrimmage the head coach said:

“I don’t think anything really stood out. I thought we had a couple really nice plays to get interceptions, guys broke along the way and high-pointed the ball, and made good plays on the ball down the field. The one defense dominated the two offense for the most part. They went out and stoned them—a couple three and outs. They didn’t give up a first down. Then the two offense got a little drive going and went down and made some plays, which I was very excited about the two offense getting a little life against the ones. Then, in the ones-on-ones period, it was pretty balanced. Second, 10, and third down, I thought the one offense dominated the one defense. Red area, the one offense beat the one defense, but in the move-the-field portion, the bigger portion of it, the defense was a little bit ahead in regards to that. There wasn’t a lot of difference in the defense from this scrimmage to the last. I certainly am concerned about complacency there, and making sure they are competing and staying on top of things because they have a chance to be a talented group.”

Leadership is the key and Smart mentioned both Richard LeCounte and Jordan Davis as players who might lead the 2020 defense.





“We have some really good leaders. This is a fun team to coach so far. We do things as a group, and I love being around them. They’re funny. They’ve not shied away from any work. I’ve really enjoyed being around both sides of the ball, including special teams. Defensively, Richard [LeCounte] has been a great leader. Jordan Davis has stepped up. There are so many guys who are [leaders]. They seem like they’re experienced, and they lead in the right direction. They’re positive when things aren’t going well, and they have a lot of fun on the football field at time. 





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