Sony Michel is Happy to Share the Load

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Sony Michel is Happy to Share the Load

Sony Michel (1) and Nick Chubb (27) - Georgia 42 - Kentucky 13 - (Photo by Rob Saye)
Sony Michel (1) and Nick Chubb (27)
– Georgia 42 – Kentucky 13 –
(Photo by Rob Saye)


Sony Michel and Nick Chubb have played their last game in Sanford Stadium but Michel is happy the he and Chubb were able to share the load so effectively.


Michel entered Georgia’s top 5 rushing list this season and his storied career has seen him share the load. For many running backs, not being the number one option could be a major issue, but Michel has been happy to share the load with Chubb and he has seen it as a huge advantage for him.

“You don’t want to carry the ball thirty times in practice because you want someone to share it with and share it with, in the game,” said Michel. “It helps, it helps on the body, it helps last longer on the season, and it keeps everybody fresh and keeps everybody happy.”

Sharing the load is usually an issue for many young recruits, but Michel made it known that it was easier for him to adjust because he knew he had to take on a team-first mindset. Although Michel is happy to share the ball, that does not mean that there is not a healthy level of competition between him and Nick.
One area that Sony and Nick compete on is who is faster between the two running backs. This week Chubb had the highest recorded speed as he topped out at 22.3 mph during the Bulldogs most recent matchup. However, Michel only topped out at 22.0 mph and he has been given a lot of grief over that this week.
Michel, however, holds the overall record among the two running backs and he’s proud that Chubb has not been able to catch his top speed of 22.5 mph. This speed test has created some healthy competition between the two stud running backs for the Bulldogs.
Sony Michel and Nick Chubb have created a dynamic duo in Athens that will surely be missed and it will be tough to replace these two outstanding running backs.




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