Staff Score Predictions: Bulldogs vs. Bulldogs?

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Staff Score Predictions: Bulldogs vs. Bulldogs?

Davin Bellamy - UGA vs. Notre Dame - (Photo by Rob Saye)
Davin Bellamy
– UGA vs. Notre Dame –
(Photo by Rob Saye)

Coming off a huge win in South Bend over the Fighting Irish, Georgia returns to Athens for an all Bulldogs matchup as they take on Samford and the BI staff give their take on how they think the game will go.

Chuck McConnell 38-14 Georgia
Going to be tough to avoid a Notre Dame hangover and look ahead with the start of conference play on deck. Look for UGA to be somewhat conservative. Can’t risk unnecessary injury to Fromm and the OL could use a confidence boost with an overpowering run game. Potential for a Dogs non-offensive touchdown. Samford could have some success moving the ball against 2nd and 3rd string D which needs experience.
Vance Leavy 41-31 Georgia
I would love to jump on the Georgia needs to win by “four touchdowns” bandwagon, but I have too much Dooley and Munson in me. The Bulldog Nation is rightfully sky high after last week’s squeaker in South Bend, but it only constitutes one win and did nothing towards getting the team back to Atlanta. Get better, win the game, stay healthy is what I’m after… way closer than the Kool-Aid drinkers think, in my humble opinion.
Han Vance 42-10 Georgia
Georgia has remarkably not blown any team out in two full calendar years, very long stretch. 42-10 DAWGS with Swift getting 150 yards total offense.
Bob Miller 41-10 Georgia
Georgia should comfortably defeat Samford, and I know fans may look back to last year’s Nicholls State game; however, this 2017 Bulldog team is not the same. With that being said, do not look for Kirby Smart to run up the score on Chris Hatcher who gave him his first opportunity as a college coach at Valdosta State back in 2000.
Greg Poole 38-10 Georgia
Kirby will not run up the score on Samford, but he will have his team ready to play and will thump the other Bulldogs in the first half. Look for Ramsey and a LOT of running plays in the final half.
ImYourHuckleberry 55-17 Georgia
Samford’s offense presents a different challenge for the Dawgs defense because of the air raid principles. Don’t be surprised to see them put the ball in the air 50+ times on Saturday. For the Dawgs offense, this is a chance to stretch their legs and put on a bit of a show. Jake Fromm eclipses 300 yards passing with several explosive plays and this one is never close.
Murray Poole 48-14 Georgia
Assuming the Bulldogs have learned the hard lesson of Nicholls State last season, when they had to fight for their lives to eke out a 26-24 win, I’m thinking the 13th-ranked Dawgs will finally get an offensive performance to match their defensive display. Thus, Georgia climbs to 3-0 by storming past Chris Hatcher’s FCS Bulldogs.
Graham Groseclose 41-20 Georgia
I am not predicting this to be a particularly close game, but I think the Samford Bulldogs will put up a decent fight with their air raid offense. I expect the young players to get some playing time in this one and with that, I expect mistakes to be made on offense and defense that allow Samford the put up some points. This is a team that scored 41 on Mississippi State last season, so we better not have a Notre Dame hangover.
Savannah Richardson 42-10 Georgia
Think it’s time for the Georgia offense to finally light it up. Time to stop stuttering and start that smooth jam.
Michael Pope 45-10
After an outstanding performance against that potent Fighting Irish offense, it is hard for me to believe that Samford will put up double digits on the Georgia defense but I understand mistakes here and there can lead to points on the board. I also think this could be a huge game for the offense and it would not surprise me for Georgia to have several players reach 100 plus rushing yards. I think Georgia pounds the rock efficiently while also incorporating a passing game with Jake Fromm at the helm to coast to a huge victory this week as they get ready to head into SEC play.

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