Terry Godwin on Adjustment to Kirby Smart Football: “It went with our Swagger”

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Terry Godwin on Adjustment to Kirby Smart Football: “It went with our Swagger”

Terry Godwin – Dawg Walk – Georgia vs. Missouri
Terry Godwin – Dawg Walk – Georgia vs. Missouri

Terry Godwin spoke to the media on Tuesday evening about the Rose bowl and various other things. However, it was his comments about how special this team is that stood out the most. He comments on how despite a coaching change the team knew they are destined for something special.


Godwin spoke about how the team knew this season was going to be special. Despite the new coaching staff, the merger of both Richt’s and Kirby Smarts players sparked something amongst the guys. He mentioned that everyone stayed together despite the coaching change and that’s the main components to the success. Godwin mentioned that Smart’s grudge and physicality that he brought over went with the team’s swagger.


Just being able for everybody to stay with the coaching change going on. It felt special because we knew coming into this season we were going to have something special,” Godwin says. “And with coach Smart bringing over that grudge and physicality It just went with our swagger. And we knew with this team being able to stay together and those guys coming back we were going to have something special this year and that’s what we’re doing.”


Even with a new staff, Godwin says the players never had any doubt. He mentions that once everything fell into place something special would come from it and well it’s happening now.


We never as players had doubts in the locker room,” Godwin mentions. “Because we knew once everything got to clicking got to rolling and everyone bought in and knew what they were supposed to do and know their assignments it was going to be a special year. And that’s what it turned out to be.”


Godwin put into words what many can’t, that despite a coaching change this team came together. The players bought into Smart and turned this team into something special. Georgia heads to its first playoff appearance in school history and that’s because these leaders came together to mix Smart’s ingredients with Georgia swagger and bake a perfect pie. The Bulldogs are on track to make history this year, and as special as this team is, perfection is the only thing they want.


For Terry Godwin’s full interview, check out the YouTube clip below!



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