That’s Socially Acceptable: Dawgs v. Vols

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That’s Socially Acceptable: Dawgs v. Vols

It’s no secret that last Saturday was a complete disaster as far as Georgia Football was concerned. I felt like I was watching the 2016 low-budget version of Little Giants. Don’t misconstrue my words, I love the dawgs. In fact, my emotional wellbeing has become quite contingent upon how the dawgs play. I find myself feeling like a mother-hen to these young pups. When I see them down, I wish I could run out there and give them a pep talk or make them chicken soup, anything to help raise morale. All that being said, I fully support my team and have faith that win or lose Saturday, they will enter and leave Sanford humble, centered, and willing. After all, those same Little Giants eventually found redemption in the end.

So I challenge you Bulldog Nations to reverse your cheers of disappointment and make them cheers of encouragement. We can go farther together than alone, and what’s a team without the fans and what are fans without a team to cheer for? What do you say? Do you accept this Bulldog Challenge? Let’s cheer loud and proud this Saturday as we welcome the Vols back to Athens. 

Now to the fun part. Here’s what caught my judgmental eye this week:

UGA’s Kappa Alpha Theta’s had fun this week eating BBQ and raising money for the Oconee CASA

The Antiques at Appointment’s at Five had a ball hosting the new Football Coaching staff’s wives. Here are Kitty Culpepper, grandmother to writer Hammy Culpepper of Bulldawg Illustrated, and Jenny Sligh with Coach Smart’s wife Mary Beth.

Onward Reserve was honored in the Small Business Person of the Year Award in the Emerging Entrepreneur Category!


The UGA Alumni Association #tbt picture of Park Hall. Look at those outfits!


Goocooooooooooo Dawgs!! Sic ’em!


Enjoy Saturday #dawgnation and remember to cheer loud for the team we love the most!



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