The Dawg Bones: Georgia vs. LSU 2022

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The Dawg Bones: Georgia vs. LSU 2022

Dawg Bones Offense: EVEN

The numbers don’t tell this story, but the field does. Yes, Georgia statistically has one of the best offenses in the country, but the Dawgs have had their bumps. Missouri, Kentucky, and the countless red zone and short-yardage situations have kept this team far from perfect. The Tigers have been able to put up numbers in an arguably more competitive SEC West, so credit is due there.






Co-defensive coordinators Glenn Schumann and Will Muschamp have created a monster that is the Georgia defense. An objectively less talented team than last year producing in a similar way is beyond impressive. One thing you can’t do against Georgia is run, and LSU will learn that the hard way. This team is experienced against mobile quarterbacks like Anthony Richardson and Hendon Hooker. They should prepare well for Jayden Daniels.






The Dawgs blow the Tigers out of the water in the category. Return-wise there’s not a lot of difference, but at the kicker and punter positions, the Dawgs are, literally, just better. Jack Podlesny is kicking field goals at a over a 90% success rate compared to LSU’s 75%. Georgia’s punter, Brett Thorson, also flips the field at a rate that is 10% better than his Bayou Bengal counterpart.


Though they come in undefeated and the No. 1 team in the country, “composure cards” will be vital to keeping this young team level-headed on a big stage. Luckily the Dawgs have been fortunate to have stressed out prior situations in preparation for this one. Games like Missouri, Tennessee and Kentucky have prepared the Bulldogs by presenting them with adversity and giving them the opportunity to surpass it. The Dawgs have yet to fold under the pressure, and their 12-0 record this season goes to show for it. LSU has some pretty big wins, but they also have some awkward losses, and the lack of consistency there can be attributed to a variety of things, but coaching is definitely one of them. It’s Brian Kelly’s first year versus Kirby Smart’s seventh. Kirby and company will have an edge just because he’s been coaching Georgia longer and has already played in this game before.


You can’t deny what Coach Smart is building at Georgia. They’re a team that’s getting it done on all sides of the ball at an elite level. Even with Georgia’s flaws, the strengths still keep them ahead of Brian Kelly and the Bayou Bengals in this one. There’s a connection to this team that an opponent has yet to break. That connection has brought the Dawgs this far, and it should get them a good bit farther too. This team is looking to play in January and knows this game is another step to get there. If Georgia plays like Georgia, they’re a safe bet to win this game.





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