The Dawg Bones: Georgia vs. South Carolina 2022

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The Dawg Bones: Georgia vs. South Carolina 2022

Dawg Bones OFFENSE- Georgia

Georgia takes the cake here. In only two games Todd Monken has Georgia producing as the 12th best offense in the nation, and South Carolina isn’t even in the top 50. And while he came into college with high expectations, Spencer Rattler has come a long way since his “No. 1 overall pick” projections. It’s Rattler’s first year with the team versus Bennett’s fifth, so Georgia has the advantage in the quarterback room as well. Bennett’s understanding of the offense will be crucial for Georgia victory on the road.





Dawg Bones DEFENSE- Georgia

Defense is a numbers game. In this case the number to think about is three. Every Saturday Georgia fields three preseason All-Americans in Jalen Carter, Kelee Ringo and Nolan Smith. Admittedly the talent just leans Georgia for this one. If the Dawgs don’t have a five-star on the field, they have one on the bench. UGA boasts a historically strong defense, and it hasn’t let up yet. The team hasn’t allowed a single touchdown on the season. They’ve played fairly conservative in the first two games, and should open up against an SEC opponent like USC.

Dawg Bones SPECIAL TEAMS- Even





It’s fairly split for this one. Georgia returns fifth-year kicker Jack Podlesny, an experienced placekicker who’s made plenty more than he’s missed. As for the Bulldog’s punter, there’s a new guy in town after Camarda’s departure; Brett Thorson, a freshman Australian transplant has taken his place. As for the Gamecocks, their kicker is fairly new to his job and a little inexperienced, but their punter Kai Kroger was in contention to win the Ray Guy Award last year. He returns this year as a junior, and I doubt there’ll be a drop off in his play. Long story short, Georgia has the kicker and South Carolina has the punter.

Dawg Bones COACHING- Georgia

It’ll be Coach Smart’s seventh season with the Bulldogs, so he’s objectively more experienced. Smart has also had the benefit of recruiting basically everyone on his team. He’s been there through all of their college development and will continue to be there as his recently signed contract ensures he’ll be there for the next 10 years. Not only does he develop his players, but he develops his coaches too. Smart has seen multiple of his former assistants leave for head coaching jobs. When it comes to coaching, Georgia is getting it done.

Dawg Bones OVERALL- Georgia

This bone goes to Georgia. South Carolina doesn’t have the upper hand in any category except punter, but if he is on the field a lot on Saturday that’s a good sign for the Dawgs.. At this point, it’ll just be a matter of execution. Georgia has the talent. They have the skill. All they have to do is execute.





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