The Dawg Bones: Georgia vs. Tennessee 2022

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The Dawg Bones: Georgia vs. Tennessee 2022


Both Tennessee and Georgia run high powered, high scoring offenses, but Tennessee has the edge here by just a little bit. The Volunteers have the highest scoring offense in the country, led by a Heisman candidate quarterback in Hendon Hooker. As a team they’ve scored an average of 50 points per game and it’s heavily attributed to their passing game. Hooker so far this season has thrown for 2,338 yards and 21 touchdowns with only one interception on the season.






Before the Florida game Georgia was ranked as the second best scoring defense in the nation, but that’s not even the best part. The Bulldogs are also a top-5 team in the country when it comes to passing defense too. It’ll be crucial when they face off against the ticking time bomb that it Hendon Hooker’s arm. Regardless of statistics though, the Georgia defense can do it all as long as everyone does their job, and that’s what they’ll have to do if they want to stand a chance against the Volunteer’s prolific offense.






You just can’t beat Jack Podlesny’s consistency, and there’s no reason it should drop off whilst at home. In 2022 overall Podlesny or “Pod” is kicking at a 87.5% success rate as opposed to the Volunteer’s Chase McGrath’s 76.9%. Pod also hasn’t missed a single extra point either. Tennessee cannot say the same.


Tennessee has been waiting for a moment like this, and they’ve only been able to capitalize on that opportunity under Josh Heupel, so he’s earned his credit. He’s an offensive-minded coach and his team is known for its offense similarly to Kirby Smart’s defensive background and his team’s defensive reputation. Tennessee beating Bama wasn’t a flash in the pan. It was the result of discipline, resiliency, and composure, all things that are preached by Smart too. Bottom line is that both of these coaching staffs are both some of the best in the country, and they’ll come into Saturday’s match-up on a fairly even playing field.


This call has a lot to do with the location of the game, because if this were a neutral-site or away game at Neyland Stadium, it would look different. But because this is a home game for Kirby Smart and the Georgia Bulldogs who are 14-7 against top-10 opponents, expect things to lean Georgia’s way. The Bulldawg faithful have been waiting for a matchup like this all-season. They’ve been waiting to tangle with a big opponent. That’ll be the X-Factor that the Dawgs will have over the Vols. During the run that Tennessee has had this season, they had the chance to play in an environment like the one Sanford will provide come Saturday. Undisciplined penalties may just be the difference in this one, and when they’re directed towards Tennessee you can credit the fans.





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