The Dawg Bones: Georgia vs. Vanderbilt 2022

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The Dawg Bones: Georgia vs. Vanderbilt 2022

Dawg Bones OFFENSE – Georgia

Coach Smart has something along the lines of “we have more talented guys, and they know that” in interviews, and the same applies here. From a statistical standpoint Georgia’s offense has put up 731 more yards than Vanderbilt and is ranked in the top five of total offense in all the FBS. Overall Georgia has more proven offensive talent than Vandy heading into the matchup, so the bone goes to the Dawgs on this one.





Dawg Bones DEFENSE – Georgia

Similarly to the offense, Georgia has simply recruited and developed better players on this side of the ball compared to Vanderbilt. If Vanderbilt’s defense was as stout as Georgia’s, they too would be ranked No. 11 in the country in total defense, but that’s simply not the case. Vandy has only played two SEC opponents thus far. The two being Alabama and Ole Miss where they allowed 55 and 52 points. The most Georgia has allowed in SEC play has been 22 against Missouri, and even then a majority of those points can be attributed to field goals that the Georgia defense held Missouri’s offense to.

Dawg Bones SPECIAL TEAMS – Georgia





One thing that Georgia prides itself in is its special teams. They only put their best players out on special teams, and Vanderbilt probably does the same, but again Georgia just boasts a better personnel. Another notable fact is that Vandy’s kicker has only attempted three field goals on the year. He’s not as tested, and all his kicks have been at home. He hasn’t experienced an opposition’s pressure when lining up a kick. If Vanderbilt even manages to find themselves in a field goal situation, their kicker is in for a nice surprise once he meets everyone at Sanford Stadium.

Dawg Bones COACHING – Georgia

Kirby Smart is objectively a top three coach in this sport. He’s been the head and face of his program for seven years while Clark Lea of Vanderbilt has only been at Vanderbilt for two seasons including this one. It’s not like Lea inheriting a program with the prestige or reputation that Kirby Smart did when he took over as the head coach of Georgia, so Lea still has a long way to go at Vanderbilt.

Dawg Bones OVERALL – Georgia

This game should be all Dawgs, and you can tell just from looking at the rosters. Comparing the talent on each team, you see that Vanderbilt has five players that were ranked as four-stars coming out of high school. To put it in perspective Georgia has forty-seven players who left high school with a four-star ranking in addition to nineteen five-star players (which leads the nation). The Dawgs are a better team on paper and on the field, and they should prove it at their homecoming game against the Commodores.





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