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These Have to Work

This week’s blogs have compared the two teams and shown that the Dawgs are most effective when they can run the ball inside. The production on inside runs has fallen off from the blistering pace Swift and Herrien set in September and early October.

This could be attributed to injuries and the shuffle around the injures on the o-line. But, again, when UGA can get the running game going – it can lead to points.

One last post. I went back into my spreadsheet and filtered out the early season games and found Georgia’s successful plays that worked. Let’s go through a few and see if our boys can get them going this afternoon because we need them to work






Much was made on Fromm not completing downfield passes. The “all verts” play is a simple route. I’d call it “go deep” if I were playing in the street with my boys. Coley dialed it up on our last snap in the Notre Dame game. Bad snap caused Fromm to rush the throw. UGA has had success with this play against Missouri, Auburn, and A&M.

Twice the Dawgs dialed up “all verts” against Mizzou. Both times the TE was flexed out in 11 Personnel.

Jake Fromm completed these two “all verts” out of 11 Personnel with the TE in tight.





Outside Runs

I’ve harped on the inside rushing attack, but Dawgs do run outside. LSU is equally susceptible to outside runs as they appear to be on the inside runs.

D’Andre Swift with a couple of great runs. 30 yards off tackle with Charlie Woerner flexed out but gets enough on the LB to spring D’Andre.

11 Personnel bunched in tight. Swift gets another good run on the toss.

Brian Herrien gets a crucial 1st down on the Nakie Read to the left


UGA got two conversions on passing downs – a stat that they did not excel at down the stretch. The controversial 12-yarder to Lawrence Cager in the Cocktail Party. Pickens hauled in an 11-yard pass on 3rd and 10. Both of these plays run with TE flexed out. Eli Wolf was stacked for the Auburn play

Success on these plays is critical to a UGA Championship. Watch for them today and cheer on our men to a victory! GO DAWGS!!





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