Three Takeaways from Monday Football Practice

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Three Takeaways from Monday Football Practice

Brian Herrien (35) stiff arms a Carolina defender as Kirby looks on (photo by Rob Saye)
Brian Herrien (35) stiff arms a Carolina defender as Kirby looks on
(photo by Rob Saye)

The Bulldogs are preparing for a crucial game against the Florida Gators and are looking to bounce back after losing a tough game at home.

As the Bulldogs prepare for these games, I am looking for players or other various things that standout for me at the team’s practices. Here are my three takeaways from the Bulldogs practice on Monday.
3. Players at New Positions are Still There
Last Tuesday, Coach Smart said that the team was planning on experimenting with three players in different positions at the next three practices than they were normally practicing in this season. Those three players were Shakenneth Williams, who moved from wide receiver to defensive back, Tae Crowder, who moved from running back to inside linebacker, and Michael Barnett, who moved from defensive tackle to offensive tackle. Coach Smart must have seen some potential with these players in these roles because all three continued to practice at their new spots.
2. Younger Player Becoming More Vocal
In Smart’s press conference on Monday, he mentioned that when a team is going into a rivalry game like their upcoming one, then the team often has to look to their seniors to display leadership. The Bulldogs older players have gained praise from Smart for becoming better leaders and being more vocal, but at Monday’s practice running back Brian Herrien was a very vocal leader throughout drills. He often times was yelling and trying to keep up the team’s intensity at practice with the other running backs. Coach Smart is always looking for leaders and more vocal guys and will definitely welcome Herrien to stepping up into a leadership role.
1. Baker is Back
This was one thing that I wanted to watch out for as the Bulldogs progressed this week through practice. However, on Monday, Deandre Baker seemed to be back practicing with the rest of the secondary and had no limitations. The Bulldogs have to be happy that he is back practicing so early in the week and barring any setbacks, he should be ready to go in the Bulldogs fierce contest against the Florida Gators.
Side Note
Those were my three takeaways but there was one other development that caught my eye concerning tight end, Jeb Blazevich. Blazevich was not in a black non-contact jersey but definitely had something ailing him and he received some attention from the medical staff. The Bulldogs tight end group is very deep but Blazevich will be one player to watch as the week progresses.

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