Trey Hill, ‘There’s a lot of pressure on me, but I can handle it’

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Trey Hill, ‘There’s a lot of pressure on me, but I can handle it’

Trey Hill (55)
Trey Hill (55)

In recent years, Georgia has a history of having good centers on the offensive line, and this season the way Trey Hill (55) is playing he might as well be added to that list.

Former Bulldogs Ben Jones and David Andrews have made a name for themselves in the NFL, and in the 2019 NFL Draft, Lamont Gaillard was selected by the Arizona Cardinals in the sixth round.

Current Bulldog Trey Hill took over Gaillard’s duties at center after his departure to the NFL, and Hill’s teammates and coaches are impressed by his performance thus far.





“Trey has done a good job of communicating,” said Kirby Smart at Monday’s presser. “Trey comes in and meets extra as the center has to do to call fronts, to get looks, to really watch tape and be the master of his trade. Jake (Fromm) does some of that, too, so Jake helps him. It helps having a guy that’s got a lot of experience and is as bright as Jake is.”

Before this season, Hill didn’t have much experience at the position. He said in interviews that he had only played one game at center in high school, and also when he filled in for Gaillard last year during the Kentucky game. Hill said Gaillard had a lot of impact on his game, and that he learned a lot from his time with him.

Hill also talked about how he wanted to do whatever he could to get on the field and help his team. Since the start of fall camp, he started working hard on his communication skills and knew that if he mastered that skill it would set him apart from the rest.





“I feel like my communication skills have gotten a lot better recently,” said Hill. “At center, I do have to make all of the calls for the offensive line and tell everybody what to do. It’s a lot of pressure, but it’s something that I do every day. It is something that I have to do, if not our job as the offensive line won’t get done.”

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In Georgia’s first two games, the Bulldogs’ have rushed for an average of nearly 300 yards per game, but the play of the offensive line and Hill hasn’t been up to par. The offensive line gave up a sack on Saturday against Murray State, and have given up a few tackles for losses this season. Murray State’s defensive line did run a twist stunt, and Hill did get lost on the play.

“The offensive line and Trey have got to strain longer and harder in order to improve,” Smart said. “I mean he’s playing well, but he can play better. That’s what we are trying to get out of Trey is his best self, and how does he get his best self? He’s got to strain a little harder.”

The relationship between a quarterback and center is crucial, and Hill talked about how much respect he had for Jake Fromm (11).

My relationship with Jake is great, and doing things outside of football made our it even stronger,” said Hill. “I mean we haven’t gone fishing or hunting together yet, but I’m sure if I ever ask he will take me. Either way, I have known him for a long time. From high school to now his leadership hasn’t changed at all.”

This season neither Fromm nor Hill has had any issues. And Georgia’s schedule will only get harder in the coming weeks, but so far Hill has shown that he can be the guy that Georgia needs at center.

You can watch Trey Hill’s interview from Monday by clicking on the video below.





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