UGA Football Recruiting 18-APR-2016

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UGA Football Recruiting 18-APR-2016

Trevon Grimes - Class of 2017 - WR - Saint Thomas Aquinas HS, Fort Lauderdale, FL - (Photo of Trevon Grimes from Youtube video screen capture)
Trevon Grimes – Class of 2017 – WR
– Saint Thomas Aquinas HS, Fort Lauderdale, FL –
(Photo of Trevon Grimes from Youtube video screen capture)


UGA Football Recruiting Daily Thread


Today’s Featured Recruits



Trevon Grimes

Class of 2017 – WR

Saint Thomas Aquinas HS, Fort Lauderdale, FL



Kearis Jackson

Class of 2018 – Athlete

Peach County HS, Fort Valley, GA



Nolan Smith

Class of 2019 – DE

Calvary Day High, Savannah, GA



OrTre Smith

Class of 2017 – Athlete

Wando HS, Mt. Pleasant, SC



Nike Football’s The Opening
Regionals – New Orleans
WR vs DB 1 on 1’s




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The University of Georgia 1991-1994. Lanier Tech 2009-2012. Writer and graphic artist covering UGA athletics, college football, and recruiting. Peach cobbler fears me!

429 responses on “UGA Football Recruiting 18-APR-2016

  1. Bulldawg Bob2

    PODCAST: A Historic Georgia G-Day 2016 and Then Some | by BD Illustrated ON-Air at

  2. RobDawg

    @bulldawg Bob2 – Finally caught up from the trip out west. Bringing home some hardware… He was Champion for Sub Jrs in the 5 Stand Event at Western Regional Championships in Tucson, AZ

  3. dsw61

    PTCDawg dsw61 Bulldawg36 I think the fans will be extremely disappointed if UGA goes 10-2 with Lambert, but doesn’t win the East. It will be viewed as a wasted opportunity to get Ramsey and Eason meaningful experience for next year.

  4. PTCDawg

    Ok, I am talking to myself, I think I will stop now.
    BUT…not before mentioning one more thing…Leon Russell is at the City Winery July 7th and 8th. Dude may be 120 years old at this point but I think we are still going to go see him. City Winery looks like a very cool place too.

  5. PTCDawg

    During the game the posted running back statistics and “Brenda Doglas” had 4 carries for 20 or so yards and i thought, dang, our depth problem at running back is worse than I thought, we have a Brenda out there getting carries!

  6. PTCDawg

    “bring your chair, popcorn and favorite beverage…”. when i see someone use beverage in a sentence I always think of Dr Sheldon Cooper…when someone is sad you offer them a hot beverage…

  7. Greg Poole

    PTCDawg  Yep. Georgia took them to the wall in 2012 too, but Bama has two nattys. UGA wins the 2012 SECCG without Bama’s OL controlling the 3rd and 4th quarters. Georgia is still a couple of years away from that kind of power. It will be a fun year (if injuries stay low) but we should not be too disappointed if they show the effect of poor recruiting on the OL under the previous regime.

  8. PTCDawg

    dsw61 Bulldawg36 an elixir for coaches is going 10-2 as a starter and having a 6 to 1 TD to Int ratio.

  9. PTCDawg

    6-4 and 350, if we could get 3 guys like Netori Johnson they could be our whole offensive line! 3 OLs, 1 QB, 1 RB and 6 WRs!!

  10. Greg Poole

    Frankly I’ll be real happy if Georgia beats the poorer teams and goes to the last minute of the 4th with a shot to win against UF and UT. Just show up for every game with a clear understanding of why they are on the field and a desire to break someone’s nose.

  11. WillieWalden

    Swift and the Robison kid currently committed to bama are my favorite two.. If you haven’t already.. Watch Robisons film.. Good all around back and very instinctive

  12. Greg Poole

    PTCDawg Didn’t mean to imply ‘lousy’. I meant they are young and thin. Time, training and recruiting adequate numbers are the answer.

  13. PTCDawg

    Greg Poole Frankly Ok, Good! You have forgotten more about OLs than I will ever know, Greg, but my ignorance allows me to be ever optimistic!! :>) I will note that with two true freshman starting on the OL for Tenn last year they will took Alabama to the wall. We are way beyond that. Well..maybe not way beyond that but we are beyond that!!

  14. Greg Poole

    Frankly There is no reason, as long as contending means going into the 4th quarter of the Florida and UT games in position to win (and beating the others). Georgia could sweep the East. The determinant will be health, IMHO.

    Gotta have a down year for serious injuries.

  15. Greg Poole

    Frankly Completely agree. Georgia should contend in the East without key injuries. Quality depth is the hold up, but that will change quickly.

    Position 40 to 85 on the scholarship list are not where they should be.

  16. Frankly

    Bulldawg Bob2
    I am not predicting an SEC East championship or 10+ wins.  But I see no reason that UGA shouldn’t be expected to contend for the east in 2016.

  17. Greg Poole

    PTCDawg I didn’t mean to imply that. I thought this thread was in the context of an SEC championship. I do not think UGA will have the OL depth or seasoning to win the SEC in 2016. That’s all.

    The last time Georgia was there, Alabama won the game because there OL wore out UGA’s D in the second half. That is the kind of team that CKS is building, but it is not there yet.

  18. Bulldawg Bob2

    CLTDawg Bulldawg Bob2 WillieWalden  Yes indeed. There is definitely some momentum with D’Andre Swift.

  19. CLTDawg

    Bulldawg Bob2 WillieWalden Swift, too. Two visits in 3 weeks is a lot for how far away he is.

  20. Bulldawg Bob2

    Hobnailboot aka RobG  I did not say it was impossible for Georgia to win the East, but I said it is not likely. It is not probable. Florida going to the SEC CG under a first year HC is not the norm. 

    First year coaching staffs face a difficult task of implementing their philosophy, getting players to buy into their system and then building the program to where it needs to be.

    If everything was A-OK at Georgia, Richt would not have been fired.

  21. 1mandawgpack

    Bulldawg Bob2 1mandawgpack WillieWalden  I’m ok with that as I grew up with a guy who was pretty low key (Charlie Ward) who did ok for himself.  I just know during the season he was very positive about UGA and just haven’t really even heard his name mentioned in a while.  With Eason and Fromm and hopefully a whole bunch of “big uglies,” when coupled with the RB depth currently on roster, we won’t have any issues attracting a couple of the top 10 RBs in the nation.

  22. Bulldawg Bob2

    1mandawgpack WillieWalden  Coach McGee and he have been talking. Georgia is recruiting him, but he doesn’t talk a lot. Low key.

  23. Frankly

    Greg Poole
    I don’t disagree.  However in  college football there are annually 2 or 3 teams at best that do not have any weaknesses.  UGA will face very few teams where they are clearly outclassed talent-wise, even on the lines. 

    I am not saying 2016 is a championship or bust year.  I am saying that, all things being equal, there is no reason to expect that UGA will not be in contention for the SEC East and therefore the SEC championship in 2016.

  24. Bulldawg Bob2

    PTCDawg Hmmm. I never heard Greg Poole say or even imply that Georgia will be lously on the o-line. There is talent there but it is young. There was a deficit of depth and size going into 2016 because of Richt’s practice of the o-line being an afterthought. Richt is a good coach, but he never made o-line a priority in his 15 years at UGA.

    PTCDawg  Frankly  If Georgia wins the East and goes to the SEC championship game, I’ll eat my crow, but realistically, fans should expect an 8-4 to 9-3 season IMO. As a fan I want 10, 11, heck 12 wins, but that is a lot to ask of a first-year coaching staff replacing 3 starters on the o-line and a possible true freshman at QB playing significant minutes as well as replacing the kicker, maybe the punter, and several starters out of the front 7 on defense.

  25. Bulldawg Bob2

    PTCDawg Greg Poole  I’ve talked with Isaiah Wilson and he likes Georgia. Long way till NSD and a lot could change between now and then, but he likes the Dawgs.

  26. converted 1981

    PTCDawg Greg Poole I don’t think anyone is saying our O Line will be Lousy just that we are thin, young and not many that would be Starters under “Normal” circumstance.  They may well Gel and come together to produce a very solid and productive Unit.  If you remember we had some O Lines that were similar under CMR and CMB that produced well.  Others seemed to “Fit the Mold” and under produced.

  27. PTCDawg

    btw, Greg, one other thing I have been meaning to say…excellent move with Livefyre!! It really is a huge difference!!

  28. Bulldawg Bob2

    WillieWalden  Akers will be a battle to get, but Coach McGee and Georgia have his attention. Right now, Sermon and McFarland are the two most likely. Keep an eye on Toneil Carter as well.

  29. dsw61

    Bulldawg36 He’s probably right about Lambert. Hard to believe he may be the starter again this year. Not great throwing mechanics and not very mobile…but he can get everyone lined up correctly and get the offense in the right play…which apparently is an elixir for coaches.

  30. PTCDawg

    Greg Poole Greg, your implication is that we will be lousy on the OL this year and I just dont get that. We may not match up well against Alabama but no one does. I see no reason to think we will not be at least solid on the OL with the guys we have. Look around the SEC East and tell me why we shouldnt feel really good about our chances this year.

  31. Greg Poole

    Chip is on those programs because he works for AJC. He does not get one minute more practice viewing time than any other beat writer – no more interviews – just more exposure.

  32. PTCDawg

    Greg Poole I didnt know how old that info was. 4 different schools have CBs but we have zero. Excellent news though!

  33. Greg Poole

    While that is true, there are still talent/size issues on the OL, especially. Due to the generally poor ranking of OLmen, recruiting class rankings are easily distorted when OL are under recruited and those ‘ships go to skill positions.
    Almost all of Georgia’s OL depth is from RS frosh and sophs.

  34. Greg Poole

    Look at his size. He is very small. UGA is recruiting CBS over 6 feet – trying to anyway.

  35. Frankly

    Yeah I didn’ t realize that either.  Should be interesting.  Auburn has Clemson this year also.

  36. converted 1981

    Bulldawg Bob2 CLTDawg MMCSDAWG WillieWalden Saw Brandon Douglas hit pretty hard later in the game Sat…..  He was wearing a Black Jersey.  I believe he was taken to the ground hard.  Was surprised I didn’t see a coach in the defenders grill afterwards.

  37. Frankly

    Bulldawg Bob2 Bulldawg36
    To counter that however is the situation that Kirby is walking into is very different than what Saban had at LSU and Bama.   He’s entering a program that has averaged double digit wins, top 10 recruiting classes and has loaded up on top talent for the last two classes.  There is truly no reason that UGA should not be in contention.

  38. Frankly

    Bulldawg36 I think Kirby prefers bigger DB’s and its a year in which the state is flooded with elite DB’s.

  39. converted 1981

    PTCDawg Reddawg13 Sorry PTC but I saw very little at G-Day that would make me comfortable at all with Lambert.  Seldom if ever did he have his feet planted, several times including that 98 yard INT he was actually jumping backwards as he released the ball.  What I saw of Lambert was worse that what we saw last season.  Yes I know the record but talk about an inept offense…….  
    If we are going to have some growing pains with Eason lets do it at the Beginning of the year where a loss is more forgiving that one later in the year.  Pay his/our dues and be better prepared as the season continues.

  40. PTCDawg

    the Lucas Hot Board says Isaiah Wilson is a ‘Georgia lean ATM’…is that for real? Are we really in it for IW?

  41. RumRunnerDoogie

    DawgByte RumRunnerDoogie well u could tell they havent played together long, a lot of knock ons that were pretty bad. Yea seems like i was watching a match in the pacific and not stateside haha

  42. DawgByte

    RumRunnerDoogie DawgByte Just watched a nice breakaway and dish off by SF. Then they made a bone headed mistake and lost momentum and the ball.

  43. DawgByte

    RumRunnerDoogie DawgByte What did you think of the quality of play? Lots of Samoan’s out there.

  44. RumRunnerDoogie

    DawgByte RumRunnerDoogie i mean hell they pick up bowling? Rugby draws bigger audience than that lol

  45. DawgByte

    RumRunnerDoogie DawgByte I’m watching a match now. ESPN has got to pick this up and the crowds will grow.

  46. RumRunnerDoogie

    DawgByte RumRunnerDoogie i think they said over 3, apparently rules are no ties so the denver match went into sudden death

  47. DawgByte

    RumRunnerDoogie Rummy how many fans you think they had for the SAC vs. SF match yesterday? Looked like about 1,500 to 2,000 at most.

  48. Hobnailboot aka RobG

    Bulldawg Bob2 Bulldawg36  McElwain must’ve missed that memo last year…….just sayin’

  49. DawgDaddy

    Bulldawg36 If they have indeed passed us it had best pay off for them this year as they lose their QB, and 2 best RBs for the 2017 season, I look for them to backslide a bit then.

  50. DawgByte

    Bulldawg36 Look it’s clear Eason is the most talented of the 3. To me Lambert showed zero growth between last year and this spring. You know what you’re going to get from him (12 for 19 for a buck sixty and maybe a TD). Ramsey the second most talented, but again he demonstrated that he’s very inconsistent. I watched him toss 2 INTs in warmups – one to a LB and another to a Safety. He just can’t seem to put it all together.

    Having said the above, I want Eason to play when he’s ready. No point and putting him in there and having him get shell shocked. He needs to see a few series from the sidelines to get a feel for Div. 1 Defensive speed and coverages. When the starter begins to flounder hand him the ball and tell him to have fun.

  51. PTCDawg

    I say baloney. There is zero reason we can’t win the east, and doing so means one game for the sec. IMHO we have an excellent chance at the sec.

  52. Brooklyndawg

    Bulldawg Bob2 Bulldawg36 Honestly, I can’t pick Georgia as a most likely…yet….too many unknowns ATM.

  53. Brooklyndawg

    DawgByte Bulldawg36 Although I don’t want to lose to either of them, but I’d rather we beat Florida if I had to choose just one.

  54. dawgnking

    Bulldawg36 I drove 4 and half hours got in the stadium at 3:15 wound up on the 20 yard line upper bowl visitor side. Awesome experience well worth the drive. Jacob Eason is the man! Just hope we can develop an oline to protect him.

  55. Brooklyndawg

    Bulldawg36 I watched a little of it, looked like some or most of it they were running drills, so scores are meaningless.

  56. Brooklyndawg

    Bulldawg36 Yet you’re watching two losers together in one place, Towers and eagle ears. Amazing.

  57. DawgByte

    Bulldawg36 I only have 1 must win game this year and that’s Tenn. We can’t lose to them two years in a row. Just can’t do it. Can’t stand them.

  58. DawgByte

    Greg Poole Agree! Kirby has been very clear on his assessment of our program. Crystal in fact. 

    We’re not there yet. We lack size, strength and talent at the 2 &3 depth levels. We also lack the ability to constituently execute. The real measure of this coaching staff is if we see incremental improvement week-over-week. I think we’ll be successful if the staff can make that happen. Are we a SEC Championship winning team? I don’t think so. But hey, that’s okay… CKS and staff need the time to recruit the type of players that fit his vision.

  59. Bulldawg Bob2

    PatriotVeteran Bulldawg36  Agree Patriot. The biggest factor for Georgia when they play UT is that the game will be in Athens and not Knoxville.

    Knoxville is most always a tough place to get a win on the road.

  60. Bulldawg Bob2

    Bulldawg36  Coach Smart has stated he thinks Georgia lacks size in the trenches as well as depth there.

    Is it impossible for Georgia to win the SEC? No.

    Is it probably? Not likely.

    Why? The biggest reason is a first-year head coach and coaching staff who are working on building a championship program. Not even Nick Saban won the SEC in his first season at LSU or at Alabama. It actually took Saban, his 3rd year at Bama to win the SEC.

  61. Greg Poole

    Safe bet on Lambert and the other prediction is too. Why would anyone predict UGA tot win the SEC this year?

  62. PatriotVeteran

    Bulldawg36     93K will be the difference.    The Fans are fired up and a good crowd can do wonders.      UGA looks good the other day, but a few of the new players will make it even better:  Hardman, Woerner, Holyfield, to name a few.   GO DAWGS   KICK UT’S BUTT.

  63. Bulldawg36

    Chip towers said on finebaum that he thinks lambert will start vs unc. He also said he doesn’t think UGA will win a championship because of a lack of size and depth!!!!!!

  64. WillieWalden

    I didn’t realize bama had “the usc” right out of the gate.. Should be interesting.. Bama has talent but so does usc..

  65. 1mandawgpack

    BahitsDawg  At Wimbledon, people stand in line and can buy tickets at a very nominal charge for people leaving early who only came to see a certain player or match.  The tournament then takes that money and donates it to charity and has raised millions of pounds over the years.  It’s more than worth it for the tournament given the food, beverage and merchandise sales, plus it always looks good to the TV audience to see the place full at all times.

  66. Bulldawg Bob2

    Bulldawg36  It still doesn’t matter if Tennessee played Oklahoma or not. OK. Take them off the Vols’ schedule and  replace them with GT. Then Georgia and Tennessee end up with the same record at 10-3 most likely.

    And replace GA Southern with Oklahoma on the Bulldogs’ schedule, then it is likely Georgia goes 9-4 and finishes with the same record as the Vols.

    And does not Georgia have talent on their roster as well? I still don’t see where Tennessee has surpassed Georgia. 

    I do think they are going to be a good team in 2016 though, but we shall see how much so after the 2016 season plays out. If they win the East and win an SEC championship this year, then I’ll eat crow, but not  until then.

  67. Bulldawg36

    Yep but we didn’t play Oklahoma either. It just looks like they have because they have a talented veteran qb and skill players- I hope they haven’t and their defense looked pretty bad sat. So we will see. Just hope we can beat em in Athens

  68. Bulldawg Bob2

    MMCSDAWG Bulldawg Bob2  Blakenship kicked off some. I don’t know how many times each did. They didn’t keep a record of the kickoffs.


    Bulldawg Bob2 MMCSDAWG Did Blankenship kick off at all Sat?  It looked like hamm and one other unknown to me player did all the kick offs.

  70. Bulldawg Bob2

    Bulldawg36  When did Tennessee pass Georgia. Yes. They won last year, but where did the Vol’s finish in the standings? 

    Both were 5-3 in conference play, and both won their bowl game.

    Georgia finished 10-3 while Tennessee finished 9-4

  71. Bulldawg36

    Oh yeah Tennessee better fix that defense- 70-63! Hahahahahaha!! Who is their new DC anyways?

  72. Bulldawg36

    Because I hate that Tennessee has passed us by when we have usually out recruited them. Just don’t think we will beat em this year

  73. Bulldawg Bob2

    MMCSDAWG Bulldawg Bob2  Aye. And I am not saying there isn’t room for improvement, but just based on what Coach Smart said from before spring practice and the first couple of weeks of practice to the post-GDay game presser, it was not quite a 180 degree shift in “coach speak” but more positive than it had been.

    I think Marshall Long will come in and give Ramsey a run for his money at punter, and I know Blakenship has the leg to kick it into and through the endzone.


    Bulldawg Bob2 MMCSDAWG I certainly hope your right…   Kicking it thru the endzone is by FAR the most efficient kick-off.

  75. 1Dawg under God

    Bad snaps and bad holds sure dont help much. Not saying that the kickers looked good but one can’t kick good when laces are first thing his foot makes contact with.

  76. Bulldawg Bob2

    Bulldawg36  Why? It’s the SEC, there are going to be good teams that Georgia will have to face. I still don’t think Tennessee was the team it was in the 90s, but the Vols are better than they were 3 or 4 years ago.

    The 3 teams that will vie for the SEC East crown in 2016 are most likely Florida, Georgia and Tennessee.


    Bulldawg Bob2 Bulldawg36 here we go again!  lol…   UTk is always ready to “break out”.  There is a tone of controversy surrounding that program and i know nothing will probably happen to butchy poo, but I still don’t believe he is a good game day coach.  The in game play calling and decision making on his part cost them 2 games IMO last season.  Oklahoma and Florida…

  78. Bulldawg Bob2

    MMCSDAWG  Remember, Coach Smart also said that the kicking had improved throughout spring and that the kicking game was scripted for G-Day  was scripted; so, it was hard to judge or gauge it. It was the most positive he had been about the kicking and punting since he took over.

  79. Bulldawg Bob2

    CLTDawg Bulldawg Bob2 BahitsDawg Brooklyndawg  But don’t be surprised to see a team “take a chance” on KM in the 3rd round or possibly even late 2nd round. We see it almost every year in the draft.

  80. Bulldawg Bob2

    You know we like those exact percentages around here @Trent Smallwood : )
    Like 91.23456789% sure


    Wow, we really have moved on from CMR…  i thought for sure there would be a few posts about our dearly departed and under achieving since all of these players were during his tenure.   Kirby is getting the job done in Athens, now we just need to see it done on the field come fall!

  82. 66DAWGnNC

    MMCSDAWG 66DAWGnNC Trent Smallwood A true blessing indeed. She is very beautiful and very talented as well. She is a 9th grader on her HS varsity soccer team. Scored her first career goal last Thursday night in limited action. Once we went up 3-0, coach made some substitutions and my daughter scored goal #4. We won 6-0.


    66DAWGnNC MMCSDAWG Trent Smallwood That is Awesome 66!  Congrats and the blessing remains the same!

  84. 66DAWGnNC

    MMCSDAWG 66DAWGnNC Trent Smallwood Yes it is. Doesn’t speak well for my IQ does it. Seriously, my daughter is adopted. Brought her home from the hospital, so she has been ours from the outset. Wife had two miscarriages which were devastating, so we looked in to alternative means and opted for adoption. Wouldn’t change a thing even if I could.


    ZippyMorocco Reddawg13 CLTDawg MMCSDAWG WillieWalden In my prediction a while ago about Eason starting game one, I said that Ramsey was the wild card, and based on Saturday I would definitely see him getting the nod against UNC!  I could also see an every third series going to Eason with Ramsey/Lambert getting the start, and then based on who has the hot hand, that one getting most of the reps in the second half.  Alabama has done that in the past with McCarron and Sims.  Didn’t they do it last year with Coker as well.  Something to think about.


    66DAWGnNC Trent Smallwood WOW…  quite the gap there 66!  lol.  mine range from 32 to 18 so I can’t say too much.


    ZippyMorocco Trent Smallwood Dawgnation4 1 Daughter and 1 Grand daughter and they know exactly how to get what they want from dad/dadoo….  girls bring out a special side of dads/granddads!

  88. 66DAWGnNC

    Trent Smallwood I have two boys (31 and 28), and a 14 year old daughter. A wise man once told me: “Little boys love their daddy”; little girls  own their daddy.” He was very wise and very correct.

  89. ZippyMorocco

    Reddawg13 CLTDawg MMCSDAWG WillieWalden 
    Don’t discount Ramsey. he looked mighty good.

  90. ZippyMorocco

    Trent Smallwood Dawgnation4 
    I have a daughter and 3 granddaughters. They are the light of my life, 11, 8, and 1.

  91. ronaldo77

    Greg Poole CLTDawg I agree, I know he had some past issues was in the nfl and it does seem that he is getting his life in order

  92. Greg Poole

    CLTDawg The good news is that he seems to have his head on straight and is pursuing that degree.

  93. ronaldo77

    CLTDawg Greg Poole Either he maxed out in high school or his leg break really did him in. He was one of the best backs I ever saw in high school.


    Piggy backing on my post earlier about the most impressive thing from G-day I will now post my biggest area(s) of concern.  #1- Kicking game, I understand why kirby is worried and why he gave out that scholly to a kicker.  I hope this kid Wassun(sp) is a good kicker.  i was most disappointed in our kick offs, not a single kick deep or thru the endzone. That is a problem for me.  I want someone who can kick it thru the back of the endzone 80% of the time or more.  It is Important.  Neither Blankenship nor Hamm impressed me.  and whomever that was punting besides Ramsey, that was not good at all.  

    Second concern, Defensive line.  We need the rest of our freshman class to hurry up and get here!  Although I will say that Justin Young had a pretty good game.


    CLTDawg Bulldawg Bob2 BahitsDawg Brooklyndawg He’s never going to be a feature back in the NFL, but he will definitely thrive in the right offense as a change of pace, pass catching, 3rd down back!

  96. CLTDawg

    Bulldawg Bob2 BahitsDawg Brooklyndawg I think his ceiling is 4th round. He’ll earn his keep in the NFL at first on special teams (will make a great kickoff coverage guy, IMO)…but put him in the right offensive system and look out!


    BenKellam MMCSDAWG He definitely loved taking jabs at UGA.  He was by far the most entertaining coach interview out there, but I won’t miss him kicking our a$$ like he did for sure!

  98. Trent Smallwood

    MMCSDAWG Trent Smallwood Dawgnation4 I am already feeling the wrath. Had to go out and by a new car other day. I thought that did not happen till she was 16. Haha


    Trent Smallwood Dawgnation4 NM, it is…  She will definitely steal your heart and take advantage of it every time she can!  I have 3 boys and 1 girl..  She’s the best!


    Trent Smallwood Dawgnation4 Congrats on the new Addition !!  That’s Awesome.  Is this your first girl?

  101. Trent Smallwood

    MMCSDAWG 1, possible 2 this week. There is another, but he is holding off for now.

  102. Trent Smallwood

    Dawgnation4 Wonderful. Just taking it easy, and have a little girl coming in August. Just living the life


    Trent Smallwood Just predicting we get another commitment before Bob’s recruiting chat this week!  Basing it on your prediction of 3-4 last week.  How many we getting this week?

  104. Dawgnation4

    Trent Smallwood Dawgnation4 AWESOME. now that is taken care of, how is life treating you?

  105. Greg Poole

    I posted this Saturday – Caleb King is back at UGA as a student – saw him on the sideline.

  106. Bulldawg36

    I know some people drove 4 hrs to the spring game and got there early and still didn’t make the game.

  107. BahitsDawg

    Greg Poole BahitsDawg lol, and maybe one for time slotting restroom breaks.  Sign up for 10 min slot in 2Q!

    heck, you could even charge for a really clean bathroom.  lol

  108. Bulldawg Bob2

    BahitsDawg Bulldawg Bob2 Brooklyndawg  I think he will. He cleared the medical evals and put on a great performance at the combine and his pro-day at Georgia; so, he will most likely get drafted.

    How high he gets drafted is the question?

  109. Greg Poole

    BahitsDawg  That is a good idea. Maybe they will develop the infrastructure to do things like that. I’d like to see them install a smart phone food/beverage ordering service like some of the pro teams are doing.

  110. BahitsDawg

    Bulldawg36 running battle with my oldest over them.   I just think the jury isn’t in, yet.  And, I think the risk of putting unnecessary stuff in your lungs if far too great.

    Maybe, it is better than cigarettes.

  111. Bulldawg36

    I just want to let you guys know that I hate vapour e-cigs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  112. Bulldawg Bob2

    Brooklyndawg  LOL. He cannot now even if he wanted to. He has signed up with an agent.

  113. BahitsDawg

    I wish Georgia would come up with a way to allow fans that don’t get into a game to “swap out” with fans leaving early.  I hate when fans leave early, but it will always happen whether it is a few or thousands.

    Have a tent outside the stadium with big screens and a will call system (phone app?).  As a fan leaves early, have them rescan their stub for some reward like a BI Fan or a program.  Have waiting fans come in an claim the seats.  Maybe, even charge a small fee based on how much time is left and how many people are waiting.

    just a thought.


    Bulldawg Bob2 I predict we will have another class of 17′ recruit on board before that Chat takes place…  What say you  Lucas, Heath and noah?   I believe the great MNM @Trent Smallwood predicted a total of 3-4 for G-day and I believe Poole was onto something with his tweet!

  115. Bulldawg Bob2

    Bulldawg Illustrated will have a recruiting chat with Lucas Rogers, Heath Holland and maybe we can also dredge up Noah, tomorrow night at 9 PM ET. That is Tuesday night at 9 PM; so, bring your chair, popcorn and favorite beverage and get ready for the Bulldawg Illustrated Crew to rock your world!


    Greg Poole Bulldawg Bob2 Saw kirby kissing some young girls on the cheek during the walk as well, he really knows how to promote his product.  I was totally impressed with everything that was G-day and there is definitely a sense of awakening among dawg nation.  In the words of the late Japanese Admiral Yamamoto…”I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”   Time to #ATD and bring it home Kirby!

  117. Bulldawg Bob2

    Greg Poole They can use an excuse now that when mom calls and they don’t come “Sorry mom. Couldn’t hear you. My ears are still ringing from the Dawg Walk at G-day”

  118. Bulldawg Bob2

    Greg Poole Bulldawg Bob2 LOL. No “kidding!” I think Hairy’s right arm almost fell off signing autographs at the game.

  119. Bulldawg Bob2

    MMCSDAWG Greg Poole Brooklyndawg From addendum to the rule regarding coach and student-athlete contact passed by the NCAA in 2013 and approved back in 2014

    “Allow football student-athletes to participate in preparations for the season during an eight-week period each summer. Those weeks can include eight hours per week of required weight training and conditioning. Up to two of the eight hours can consist of film review. Student-athletes who participate in the summer activities must be enrolled in summer school or meet specific academic benchmarks.”

  120. Greg Poole

    Bulldawg Bob2  They are so much fun to watch. All smiles and starry-eyed with their hands stretched out to greet the players. Jacob Eason doesn’t hold a candle to Hairy Dawg with them, though.

  121. Greg Poole

    MMCSDAWG Brooklyndawg  Correct. They get a few hours of contact each week. Previously, none.


    Greg Poole Brooklyndawg But the coaches are allowed an allotted amount of time during this time now a days that they didn’t have 4-5 years ago.  I can’t remember exactly but something like 10 hours.

  123. Bulldawg Bob2

    Guess who were out in force to cheer on their Georgia Bulldogs at G-Day 2016? The Dawg Walk Kids that’s who! | Dawg Walk Kids – G-Day 2016 – Bulldawg Illustrated –

  124. Reddawg13

    Brooklyndawg Greg, let’s start a running total of who is voting for which QB to start first game. Is there away to have something like the clock above to keep up with the votes for Eason, Ramsey and Lambert?

  125. Bulldawg Bob2

    Brooklyndawg CLTDawg Bulldawg36 Don’t forget about the UGA men’s golf team coaches Chris Haack and Jim Douglas. They just added another SEC championship trophy to the case on Sunday.

  126. Brooklyndawg

    Great tandem with he and Buerle. And when our former gymnastics coach was here, they were dynamite.

  127. dsw61

    PTCDawg Lambert will always be in the running because of his understanding of the offense. I’m sure he’s impressing Chaney in the film room. Chaney, like most OCs, has stated in past interviews that he places a lot of importance on not turning the ball over. On the flip side, Kirby has mentioned his preference for QBs who are mobile. That favors Ramsey. Ramsey also has the better arm…better release, but who knows if the coaches have picked up on Lambert’s long release. It took me until the Vandy game last year to figure out what he was doing. The last QB I said I wanted to be the starter transferred, so I’m not going to say who I think should start:)

  128. Brooklyndawg

    Are all the workouts prior to fall camp voluntary and unsupervised? Remember years ago when AM took the lead role on getting teammates out on the field for practices?

  129. Bulldawg36

    I read the headlines on the news- but haven’t read the full story-I think they all knew each other

  130. WillieWalden

    Just watched netori johnsons tape for the first time and he is a beast .. Whoever #77 is .., he also looked like a take in my opinion .. I was equally impressed with both

  131. Brooklyndawg

    So what happened in Pelzer with the shootings? Hope that it wasn’t the prospect of a long hot boring summer without football that drove some folks batty already

  132. Greg Poole

    Brooklyndawg ZippyMorocco Bulldawg36  – From what I understand, the next thing at Sanford will be to imrove the amenities. Expansion seems down the road but don’t sell the power of winning short.  Kirby gets more powerful every day.

  133. Bulldawg Bob2

    Greg Poole CLTDawg MMCSDAWG Beat me to it Greg.

    And then most of the incoming freshmen, graduate transfers and JUCOs that signed with UGA for 2016 will enroll around that first week of June.

  134. CLTDawg

    Bulldawg36 What coach Diaz has done at UGA tennis does not get enough credit. It’s something like 39 out of 45 years they’ve gotten either the tournament championship or the regular season championship. That’s unbelievable consistency.

  135. CLTDawg

    Reddawg13 CLTDawg MMCSDAWG WillieWalden I hope so. Only helps our run game out when we are a threat to pass it.

  136. CLTDawg

    dsw61 DawgLink One of them that was high would have been high for just about anyone, though. Probably just an uncatchable ball given that it looked like it was going 80 mph lol. I get what you’re saying about IMac’s catch radius, though. It’s a disadvantage for him, that he’ll have to overcome by just being super electric when the ball does get in his hands.

  137. Reddawg13

    CLTDawg Reddawg13 MMCSDAWG WillieWalden I understand, but I believe the coaching and direction we are going now is more of an attack mode on offense and defense so we are going to want a playmaker not game manager. jmho.

  138. CLTDawg

    MMCSDAWG Speaking of…what’s the next date to look forward to? Aside from May 2 for DRob? When do the freshmen get on campus for summer workouts?

  139. Greg Poole

    PTCDawg I have a long, boring theory that concludes with him picking UGA – no real info though.

  140. CLTDawg

    Reddawg13 CLTDawg MMCSDAWG WillieWalden The thing is, we’ve seen that Lambert doesn’t become a total disaster when he’s facing live action. No, he’s not great or even good…but he doesn’t choke or turn the ball over. That’s why he’s even still relevant is that he is “safer.” Not saying I think he should start, but that’s the rationale.

  141. PTCDawg

    Reddawg13 PTCDawg I am certainly not cheering for Lambert in the sense I think he SHOULD start, I just think on Sept 3 when the coaches ask themselves who gives them the best chance to beat UNC, it will probably be Lambert.
    Having said that, I think we will be successful with any of those guys, like everyone else I thought Ramsey had a very good day. I think Lambert had a better day than almost everyone is giving him credit for.

  142. Brooklyndawg

    I’ll take an adjoining seat on that train. Gotta think that CKS wants that first win, and in the dome, REALLY BAD, so he goes with the game manager and a constellation of playmakers, and saves the QB glitz and glamor for a later day. Jmo

  143. CLTDawg

    Bulldawg Bob2 Big time. I want this cat. Huge that he was at GDay too. That’s a long way to travel for him.

  144. Reddawg13

    CLTDawg MMCSDAWG WillieWalden not trying to hurt the kids feelings, but, Lambert didn’t look all that good and he couldn’t be touched either


    I appreciate the counter up above, but dang it’s depressing to think we have to wait that long for football again!  Maybe we should break our counter down to other smaller events!  lol!

  146. dsw61

    DawgLink I had to listen to game on the radio Saturday. Listening on the radio provides a little different perspective. The one thing that stuck out to me while listening on the radio was the announcer describing two throws to Imac as being “high”. One he went up and caught and another he couldn’t get to. He’s a small target. Kirby has already mentioned in one of his pressers that catch radius can be a factor in the ratio of passes caught to time targeted. It was kind of a throw away comment by Kirby, but it caught my attention.

  147. Reddawg13

    WillieWalden His ability to learn, combined with how strong and accurate his arm is and throw in the kind of coaching he is getting, it all adds up to a start against the T heels!

  148. CLTDawg

    WillieWalden Totally agreed, and that’s what I think should happen. The more live snaps you can give Eason, the better. I do not want the first time he’s taken a hit to be in the first quarter of the kickoff game against a good defense in UNC.

  149. Reddawg13

    PTCDawg as long as you have wifi on that island you will be okay! but if Eason doesn’t start (which I think he does) I am going with Ramsey, he has been resurrected by this staff.

  150. WillieWalden

    Whether he gets punched in the mouth this year or next he’s gonna have to deal with it.. Kid looks like a grown man now on the field .. I would blitz this kid all summer long in practice and get him ready.. You might have to start off with Ramsey but Eason would definitely be in preparation phase

  151. RealtorDawg (aka 10canpirate)

    Greg Poole We’ve all mentioned on this blog that Eason will be the most talented QB we have on campus when he arrives.  Just watching the throws he made on the link above you can tell he is very accurate and made some good reads.  He throws the deep ball very well and moves the pocket when pressured.  Most importantly, he was poised and in control of his passes.  Will be interesting to see more of how he does from under center and how much more offense the coaches give him over the summer.

    He puts a lot of pressure on the other two QBs to step up their game after Saturday.

  152. Brooklyndawg

    ZippyMorocco Bulldawg36 Guess now they actively talk about closing the horseshoe and increasing seating.

  153. PTCDawg

    Greg Poole PTCDawg heehee. Greg, I know you lost interest there somewhere along the way but are you hearing any background scuttlebutt that leads you to expect anything in particular on May 2?

  154. Brooklyndawg

    Bulldawg36 I had heard that it was later in May then that. Now you went and made me feel bad. Bad news delivered quickly is better than bad news delivered as Chinese Water Torture.

  155. PTCDawg

    So…starting to feel just a little bit lonely out here on my ‘Lambert will probably start against UNC’ island. :>)

  156. Bulldawg Bob2

    Jesse1 Greg Poole I wondered where you were going to end up sitting at, and aye. I figured if they had played it, I would have still been able to catch some of it echoing out of the stadium from where I was at. Thanks! 

    Good seeing you at G-Day again Jesse. Really enjoyed talking with  and meeting you in person.

  157. CLTDawg

    MMCSDAWG CLTDawg Bulldawg Bob2 WillieWalden You know that first completion was probably a big relief for him. Swing it out to Douglas, shake the nerves off.


    CLTDawg Bulldawg Bob2 MMCSDAWG WillieWalden The most impressive thing for me was simply him being able to function effectively in that first series, going 4 for 4 with the Weight of 93K on his shoulders.  The kid had to have butterflies the size of Pterodactyl’s in his stomach.  I know Chaney set him up with a couple of easy throws, but it still impressed the hell out of me that he could even throw the ball with that kind of pressure on him.

  159. Bulldawg Bob2

    Greg Poole What the…….!!!!! I mean what would he think was going to happen? Haven’t they ever watched any of the Planet of the Apes movies?

  160. CLTDawg

    Bulldawg36 This first round of games certainly has been…the only exception was the 4th quarter of that Hawks – Celtics game. Wild finish. That will probably be the only competitive series of the first round.

  161. CLTDawg

    Bulldawg Bob2 CLTDawg MMCSDAWG WillieWalden “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.!” – Mike Tyson.

  162. Bulldawg Bob2

    Bansai buckeroo Have fun Bansai. Are you doing any river rafting on the Colorado while you are there?

  163. Bulldawg Bob2

    CLTDawg MMCSDAWG WillieWalden Aye. I agree with CLT here. I think Eason’s talent and potential was definitely on display. And even though the G-Day game is a scrimmage that simulates very closely a real game, it is still not a real game for the very reason CLT just mentioned. QBs and guys in black jerseys are not hit.

  164. CLTDawg

    MMCSDAWG WillieWalden I still want to see him get hit in the mouth and deliver a good ball. It’s a lot easier to hang in the pocket and step into a throw when you know that blitzing linebacker can’t touch you. 

    But, his arm talent is undeniable.


    WillieWalden He definitely didn’t look like a true freshman that should be going to the prom next week…  And can you imagine the pressure he was under?  Knowing that 93K were there to see what he could do.  He’s definitely not perfect and has a LOT to learn and develop, but it’s gonna be hard to keep him off the field that’s for Sure!

  166. WillieWalden

    It’s gonn be very difficult to keep this kid off the field.. I was on the bring him along slow train but after the spring game and what we currently have on campus.. I’m wondering if that’s still possible


    Greg Poole Bulldawg36 Right…  We both predicted it and it is looking more and more like our intuitions may be fulfilled!  lol

  168. Greg Poole

    Bulldawg36   Assuming those are the only choices know, but life is rarely that simple. That said, I’m sticking by my Eason starts against UNC prediction.

  169. Reddawg13

    MMCSDAWG I liked seeing Ramsey making plays and looking confident. I feel better knowing he and Eason stepped up. I was worried if it was going to be Eason and Lambert. I don’t see Lambert starting against the Tar Heels. And Wilson may end up a good back.


    BenKellam MMCSDAWG Nice drive for sure…  I will say what impressed me the most and the thing that I like the most after watching the game 3 times now, was the variations in offensive formations.  I loved it when we went empty in the backfield and put the RB and TE’s split out off the LOS.  If your a Defense or DC you look at the personnel on the field and your thinking power personnel, yet when we broke the huddle both TE’s were out wide as well as the running back.  That creates a match-up nightmare for the opposing defense when they have their base(run) defensive personnel on the field.  We also went empty a couple of times with the RB’s lined up just outside the Tackles or TE’s…  Remember the Flat pass to #47 where he was wide a$$ open for a 15+ yard gain.  The variety and splits used by Chaney on offense excited me the most…  Again, not including Eason.   We will save that discussion for another post! lol


    So what was your most impressive part of watching G-day??   Not including Eason going 4-4 on his first drive!! lol.  So what did everyone see that they like the most other than the QB play?


    Reddawg13 Greg Poole He definitely had a good game!  L. Carter better figure out his desire to play at the next level real soon or he might never see the field.  I look forward to seeing what Manac offers us on the outside as well!

  173. Greg Poole

    Brooklyndawg Capacity is actually under 93K – I doubt that the size of the exaggeration matters much.

  174. Reddawg13

    Greg Poole I was stoked to get him! His motor is constant and he will hit anything that moves!

  175. Bansai buckeroo

    Good morning folks from Sedona, Az……… Looks like good times ahead for our dawgs, everything falling into place…..headed over to the Grand Canyon in a little bit. Beautiful weather. Should be a great time….You guys holder down for old Bansai….Later

  176. godawgs678

    Every season I keep mentioning Jordan Davis as a potential break out candidate. With Nauta, Blaze, and Harris at TE, I could really see Davis creating mismatches out wide with his size. I think he plays a significant amount of snaps this year.

  177. RealtorDawg (aka 10canpirate)

    Great win by the Diamond Dawgs yesterday.  When you have so many young players, it’s tough to have some consistency on a weekly basis.  Give credit to CSS for shaking up the batting order and a great outing by our pitching staff this weekend.  We have a couple of key guys slumping but a couple of guys picked up the slack.  The 20 straight solo home run stat is concerning but at least we are hitting HRs.  Let’s hope CSS can keep the recruiting class he signed together.  We will be young on the mound for the next couple of years.  Great weekend to be a baseball fan….

  178. Bulldawg36

    Maybe it will finally happen. Which one comes first? MCGARITY leaving UGA or Robertson signing with a college?

  179. Brooklyndawg

    Bulldawg36 Maybe come July he can worry about obeying the rules when he’s somewhere else!

  180. Brooklyndawg

    Bulldawg36 What a blessed relief that would be!!! I wonder what’s so special about May 2nd? And does DRob himself never speak???

  181. Bulldawg36

    I doubt the Staduim would of crumbled yo ground with a 100k packed in there. Regardless of what the fire marshal saysU0001f600

  182. Brooklyndawg

    Greg Poole I saw something to the effect that if the stadium capacity is 93, 000, announcing an attendance in excess of that gets us in trouble with the fire marshall (and maybe the UGA cops, who knows….lol). Is that true?


    Greg Poole YES!  Thank goodness I have the G-day game on the DVR, I’ve already watched it twice more since the game ended!

  184. Bulldawg36

    Heck yeah! We definitely had more than 93,000! Dave Johnston on the ref thought we only had 85,000! Man give credit where credit is due!

  185. dsw61

    Finally got to watch a replay of the spring game. Chaney’s decision on who the starting QB will be will say a lot about his overall philosophy. Does he place more importance on mechanics and mobility, or does he place more importance on game management? I said all last year that IMO the QBs were over coached in some cases the phraseology used by the coaches caused the QBs to play timid. The advantage I see in a QB with good mechanics is that you can simply tell them to find an open receiver and throw them the ball; and their superior throwing ability will very likely offset other deficiencies. When I watched Ramsey and Eason in the spring game, that’s what came to mind.  It was also good to see some finger tip catches on some long throws. Pull up last year’s spring game and you will hear CMR harping on the QBs “giving the receivers a chance” by not over throwing them; and his love for the back shoulder throw. I love the back shoulder throw too, but not at the expense of some of the “catch in stride” catches we saw on Saturday. This was one of the little philosophical changes I was hoping for. I also like Chaney’s philosophy that 60% of a QB’s throws are movement throws; which is similar to Bill Walsh’s philosophy…who IMO was a great QB coach. Pull up last year’s spring game and watch how the QBs were forced to stay in the pocket in an attempt to train them to “trust the protection”. It was good to see the QBs on Saturday making attempts to drift away from or avoid the rush…while keeping hteir eyes down field.

    Lastly, Imac has a very small catch radius, which may impact his playing time with the new coaching staff. Remember, Chaney is keeping stats on catches per times targeted without giving consideration to how accurate the throws are. It’s a very stripped down approach that IMO is brilliant in it’s simplicity.

  186. Greg Poole

    Jesse1 Yep. He is better than his rep. Last year’s debacle with the TEs hurt his exposure.

  187. Jesse1

    Greg Poole Jesse1 He did. Big hands, and football quick. A little lighter than Blazevich and Harris, bout 230 I guess, he might be able to bust the big 50+ yard gainers.

  188. Jesse1

    Greg Poole Jesse1 A defensive coordinators nightmare or part of it is cobbling a plan to stop Natua, Blazevich, and Harris… the same time. All three have knockout power and can/will make plays after contact. With Woerner and Natua’s speed, home runs to the tight end won’t be a strange, UFO sighting type event.

  189. Jesse1

    Greg Poole Three tight end routes are going to be something we don’t wait for the Vandy game to see. Or Stanford on TV.

  190. Jesse1

    Bulldawg Bob2 Greg Poole I don’t remember it played. Went on in after we talked, to explore parts of the stadium, like Section 600 aka the Tech Deck, I’d never taken in the view from. It’s high! Really, really high. But no, No Battle Hymn that I remember. And I stayed substance free until getting back to the house and watching the broadcast ( I remembered to set the DVR). No plane to delete this moment in Bulldawg history.

  191. Bulldawg36

    Their was a shooting here in pelzer…4 injured and one died. Becoming a rough lil town here!!!!!!

  192. Bulldawg Bob2

    Greg Poole Hey Greg. @RumRunnerDoogie asked a question about whether or not they played the solo trumpet at the beginning of the G-Day game on Saturday, and I didn’t know since I didn’t get into the stadium till right at the end of the first quarter. I could hear Ludacris but I could hear if the trumpet was sounding from the Bookstore courtyard.

  193. Bulldawg Bob2

    Greg Poole Morning. I’m craving another turkey burger. You or Mrs. EC or Jack eat the last one yet?