UGA Football Recruiting 19-May-2016

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UGA Football Recruiting 19-May-2016

Juwan Burgess - Class of 2017 - Athlete (Plant High School, Tampa, FL) (Photo Juwan Burgess - Twitter - Under Armour)
Juwan Burgess – Class of 2017 – Athlete
(Plant High School, Tampa, FL)
(Photo Juwan Burgess – Twitter – Under Armour)


UGA Football Recruiting Daily Thread

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334 responses on “UGA Football Recruiting 19-May-2016

  1. ToddBrazzell

    Lucas Rogers Bulldawg36 I loved that game so much I actually felt bad for Colt Brennon – he got destroyed.

  2. ToddBrazzell

    Lucas Rogers Pittman alone will change the dynamics of GA bulldogs football.  I think the O line was Richt’s biggest downfall and stunted the QB growth.  And I am not bashing Richt, I love him as a coach.  Just hope we are moving in the right direction and i think we are.

  3. ToddBrazzell

    Greg Poole i would be more worried about these satellite camps under Richt than I am under Smart.  Smart is a more relentless recruiter than Richt and his staff ever was.  I will reserve my comments for coaching until i see it on the field, but already seeing it in the recruiting battles.

  4. ToddBrazzell

    Drew Brees never had more than 4,000 yards under Chaney at Purdue.  I doubt very seriously if Eason achieves that landmark his freshman year much less his career.  15 touchdowns is achievable but the yards are way out there.  How about at 4 to 1 ratio on TD vs. picks… that is something that is attainable but not easily accomplished.

  5. RumRunnerDoogie

    PTCDawg RumRunnerDoogie or it was emotional because u dont have to pay the tuition anymore### haha yea i bet that was a hell of a experience

  6. Doc R

    PTCDawg Congrats, man!!!!   My daughter graduated from Belmont Univ.  2 weeks ago,  Summa Cum Laude, I might add!!   Great feeling watching our offspring reach goals like that

  7. PTCDawg

    RumRunnerDoogie PTCDawg the most unexpected thing, Rum…the convocation, where she actually walked across the stage and had her name called…was a fairly ordinary was the commencement in the stadium with 30,000 people there, and she is one of 5,500 on the field…that was when it was really quite emotional….i guess because she was wearing her cap and gown and it was really the last thing…the emotion caught me  by surprise though…

  8. Bulldawg36

    He said Jacob would throw for 5000 but only 15 TDs..that doesn’t match with that many yards…ill say 27tds

  9. RumRunnerDoogie

    and the curse strikes again

  10. DawgDaddy

    ZippyMorocco It really was not bad at all.  I get my results tomorrow.  The last b/p they took before letting me go home was 138/82 with a 56 pulse.   Not bad at all for a 68 y/o.