UGA Football Recruiting 27-APR-2016

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UGA Football Recruiting 27-APR-2016

Steven Franklin - Class of 2017 - LB (Glasgow High School, KY) (photo from Steven Franklin on Twitter)
Steven Franklin No.75 – Class of 2017 – LB
(Glasgow High School, KY)
(photo from Steven Franklin on Twitter)


UGA Football Recruiting Daily Thread


Today’s Featured Recruits



Steven Franklin

Class of 2017 – LB

Glasgow High School, KY



Maleik Gray

Class of 2017 – Athlete

LaVergne High School, TN



Derion Kendrick

Class of 2018 – Athlete

South Pointe HS, Rock Hill, SC



Justyn Ross

Class of 2018 – WR

Central High School, Phenix City, AL



Nike Football
– The Opening Regionals – Charlotte –
2016 Highlights




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218 responses on “UGA Football Recruiting 27-APR-2016

  1. PTCDawg

    Rankings matter because in general they reflect talent. You don’t win championships recruiting a team full of 3 star players.

  2. rugbydawg79

    DawgDaddy Bulldawg36 I don’t get anyone being so excited about recruiting rankings – but I also want speed–when Woerner and Wims arrive we are loaded at wr already

  3. DawgDaddy

    Bulldawg36  I really don’t care about the rankings but I do want that speed at WR next year.

  4. 1mandawgpack

    Bulldawg36  Grew up there.  Great small town to raise kids.  Community very involved in the rearing of kids and support the local schools and teams.  Also, a very beautiful little town with brick main street, lots of historic homes (owned by wealthy northerners before the Civil War and therefore, not torched by the Union army as they made their way across Georgia) and great hunting (Plantations) and fishing.  Beautiful girls (several Miss Americas, America’s Junior Miss, Miss Georgia) and roses (it is the rose test garden for the Southeastern US).  It’s about 4 hours from Atlanta, so not sure how much longer it would be from Pelzer.

  5. Brooklyndawg

    Had to share: “Poole said a lot of dawgs gonna be at DRobs commitment ceremony. Him, Jaden, Justin and a few others. He’s periscoping right now”. Sounds good to me!!!

  6. CLTDawg

    MMCSDAWG As much as the whole Tunsil recruitment situation ticked me off, I can’t help but feel bad for kids that get put in this position the second that they come into money. At the end of the day, the step father’s argument comes down to feeling entitled to some of Laremy’s success, and while I do think it’s great that many parents are able to share in their kids’ success, I hate it when parents demand some sort of back pay like their own children were simply a financial investment! 

    Invest in your kids’ future because they’re your kid and you love them! Not because you expect some sort of return later on! /rant

  7. 1mandawgpack

    Bulldawg36  Standford is still possible.  He could commit to a team on Sunday, get his most recent test scores before the end of May and, assuming he got the results he needed, enroll at Stanford in June.  Hopefully, he and his family are the types of people who didn’t rush into this decision because they wanted to weigh all their options and would remain true to his verbal commitment, but there is nothing requiring them to do so as a verbal commitment is non-binding.

  8. CLTDawg

    MMCSDAWG CLTDawg AlphaDawg UDFA. Nobody drafts a LS. haha but he’ll be snapping on gamedays this fall for sure.


    CLTDawg AlphaDawg MMCSDAWG And don’t forget N. Theus…  he’s the top rated LS this year!  lol!   I would beat a good bit of money he makes a roster though!

  10. AlphaDawg

    CLTDawg AlphaDawg MMCSDAWG lol oops I totally put Marshall instead of Jenkins… Swap those!

  11. CLTDawg

    AlphaDawg CLTDawg MMCSDAWG There’s a zero percent chance Jordan Jenkins doesn’t get drafted. He’s our second guy off the board. 

    And Scouts like Hicks (probably the second or third best FB in this year’s class), Bailey, and Mayes (especially after his combine numbers). They’ve gone on plenty of team visits, too. They’ll be drafted.

  12. dawgnking

    Bulldawg36 The Braves will lose 100 games easily this year especially being in a division with the Nats and mets. Pitching will improve as some of the young guys get moved up and gain experience but this defense and offense are just pitiful! Never should have traded Simba, Aybar is awful.

  13. AlphaDawg

    CLTDawg MMCSDAWG AlphaDawg I’m going top 5 rounds: Floyd, Marshall, Theus, Mitchell.
    Others I think end up being free agents

  14. CLTDawg

    MMCSDAWG AlphaDawg Floyd, Jenkins, Mitchell, and Theus will all go in the first 5 rounds or so. After that, Keith Marshall, Sterling Bailey, and (shocker) Quavon Hicks will likely be later round guys.

    Chris Mayes and Sterling Bailey on the bubble. Ganus, Marshall Morgan, and Josh Dawson are all UDFAs at best.

  15. AlphaDawg

    MMCSDAWG AlphaDawg Couple getting signed after the draft. I think Ganus will get a shot there


    RumRunnerDoogie AlphaDawg MMCSDAWG What about J. Rome?  Does he get a spot late on Saturday somewhere?

  17. RumRunnerDoogie

    AlphaDawg MMCSDAWG i say thues, jenkins, floyd, morgan, mitchell, marshall with maybes being ganus and dawson

  18. BenKellam

    dawgmum This kid knows the stars disappear the second he gets on campus and then whats he’s got left is his own effort and his team mates.

  19. Brooklyndawg

    Bulldawg36 Now I’m REALLy worried. The last time you posted such enthusiasm, Brown went somewhere else.##!!!

  20. CLTDawg

    @TtownDawg RumRunnerDoogie Bulldawg36 Can’t bring them up too fast because it starts the arbitration clock on their rookie contracts. There’s a lot more strategy to it, unfortunately.

  21. TtownDawg

    RumRunnerDoogie Greg Poole Bulldawg Bob2  Thanks, I shouldn’t  complain because I mainly use this computer about an hour a day.


    @TtownDawg Where are AlphaDawg  and BahitsDawg   They are pretty technical savvy type guys!  I have no clue!  lol

  23. TtownDawg

    Ok I tried to sign in on this pc and LF told me this user name already exists, and it lets me post comments as a guest, and also I cant like a comment. what do I need to do to fix this? Everything else I use recognizes me but this computer.

  24. Bulldawg36

    Yeah I remember it. It was a great time for brave fans living here too. They were getting Heavy drunk in downtown Greenville

  25. RumRunnerDoogie

    @TtownDawg RumRunnerDoogie Bulldawg36 yea rather have a excuse of being young instead of just all around bad

  26. TtownDawg

    RumRunnerDoogie Bulldawg36  They cant get any worse so they might as well bring up some young guys from the farm teams and see what they can do.

  27. TtownDawg

    Bulldawg36  I believe they will lose at least 100. And I am a Braves fan. I went to a World Series game back in 95, what an awesome team they had then!

  28. Bulldawg36

    The braves are 4-16! Is it possible they could lose a 100 games? Because their is still a 120 games Baseball fans sure are loyal. Man that would give me a headache!!!!

  29. TtownDawg

    Bulldawg36  I’m about 30 minutes west of Augusta and about an hour south of My capital city of Ga. Athens.

  30. Bulldawg36

    I believe he really wanted Stanford and now that it’s not possible then we are his 2nd choice. But oh well better to have him than not.

  31. RumRunnerDoogie

    Bulldawg36 i feel he wont be anybody’s until he enrolls at a school, he has had a very odd recruitment

  32. RumRunnerDoogie

    BahitsDawg RumRunnerDoogie who knows, the team he plays for over there is called the unicorns…fwiw

  33. BahitsDawg

    RumRunnerDoogie Does he happen to be from the old east German area?   Residual effects of steroids on his parents?

  34. BahitsDawg

    AlphaDawg RumRunnerDoogie let me guess.  ESPN lawyers contacted you with a cease and desist?

    I don’t care too much for ESP… I mean Auburn.

  35. JaxDawg

    MMCSDAWG Jeremiah Holloman is up there, it’s funny bc they don’t even show him having an offer from us. CMON ESPN

  36. JaxDawg

    MMCSDAWG We need Beal! Although FSU is on him hard, haven’t seen our coaches visit him. Gibbs is up there too, we need him and AJ Terrell

  37. DawgLink

    I liked how he separated sports from his relationship with the kids. Made me feel good all over reading it


    New ESPN 300 out for 2017…   LeCounte III 5* and LB Robert Beal #5 overall ranked player!  Would definitely like to see kirby lock down Beal to the Dawgs!

  39. RumRunnerDoogie

    espn just did a cool story on a german player who will most likely be the first foreign player ever to be drafted and not play in college ball. big dude who runs 4.4, 39 inch vert, and i think a high 9 broad jump

  40. deltonadawg

    RumRunnerDoogie deltonadawg AlphaDawg I need to see if she can get his autograph for me

  41. RumRunnerDoogie

    deltonadawg AlphaDawg dang tell her cousin to hook her up! (she probably owns that pinch a penny) lol

  42. deltonadawg

    I was in pinch a penny getting some pool supplies and the young lady helping me saw my UGA outfit and said my cousin played football AT uga. I ask her what was his name and she said David Pollack.

  43. Bulldawg36

    Those Australian tree climbers sure did climb down faster than they climbed up… Poor lil bugas!!! U0001f602U0001f602


    DawgLink Awesome article!  Mecole is making his way to the top of my incoming player list very quickly!

  45. deltonadawg

    Greg Poole deltonadawg LOL yep it has a problem charging some times it works some times not .

  46. BahitsDawg

    RumRunnerDoogie BahitsDawg MMCSDAWG Ultra Conservative Christian Richt and Communist Thug Dictator Castro.   That would be strange bed fellows.

  47. RumRunnerDoogie

    BahitsDawg RumRunnerDoogie MMCSDAWG could build it in cuba now that we are frans with them

  48. AlphaDawg

    MMCSDAWG Can’t blame the fans. The fans wanted him calling plays for some time. Also, act like a [grand] fatherly figure, and you’re going to get treated like one. I remember chuckling when Richt was let go and he said ‘I’ve got to have like 100 text messages today, my phone is blowing up’… I knew right then, it may have been the best move.

  49. RumRunnerDoogie

    MMCSDAWG RumRunnerDoogie poor guy is having deja vu trying to get a indoor practice facility tho lol. Only problem is where do the donors come from to do it


    RumRunnerDoogie MMCSDAWG I agree!  Glad he got the job at Miami and I wish him well!  I am thrilled thus far with Kirby and look forward to seeing how our team looks on the field next year!

  51. BahitsDawg

    Bulldawg Bob2 The department of Justice can do this, but nothing when it comes to having a private email server with countless national secrets on it.   SMHS

    We are living in upside down times.

  52. Reddawg13

    MMCSDAWG Reddawg13 Greg Poole So true! Bur I meant the SEC not Kirby. I have full faith and confidence in Kirby “Leave No Stone Unturned” Smart! O h and Good morning friend!


    Reddawg13 Greg Poole If there is one thing I believe we have learned about Kirby, he is not going to sit back on anything Football related,  the days of UGA being late to offer or lacking in contact (love) are over!  Kirby will use the Camps to the best advantage he sees available.

  54. Reddawg13

    Bulldawg Bob2 I sure hope he gets drafted high and does very well! I do have my doubts though.

  55. Greg Poole

    I’m gonna be in Macon (and, maybe, Columbus) next week. Smart and Fox will appear in both cities. Macon (4th) is at Walnut Creek Hunting Preserve and Columbus (5th) is the Doubletree.

  56. deltonadawg

    ZippyMorocco deltonadawg I usually get on the laptop in the mornings but had to take it in to be repaired so I was late getting on

  57. deltonadawg

    ZippyMorocco I like Brad . He and Blackledge are one of the better announcing teams on ESPN.

  58. ZippyMorocco

    CBS hired Brad Nessler. He is going to do NFL until Verne retires or dies in the booth. Then he will do the SEC game of the week.

  59. Greg Poole

    I can not imagine that the SEC does nothing to tweak Harbaugh when the camps restart. It would be funny if they put together a ‘conference camp’ across town from his next publicity grab.

  60. AlphaDawg

    Greg Poole AlphaDawg I agree. He seemed a little pissed off and I’m not sure he’s going to make others happy when he’s ticked. Should be interesting nonetheless.

  61. Greg Poole

    AlphaDawg That will be interesting. I’m confident that he will aggressively pursue the opportunities afforded be the camps

  62. Greg Poole

    AlphaDawg Rusty is right.  SECs rule will expire in May.  These camps will be fun next near and this Summer

  63. AlphaDawg

    Bulldawg Bob2 AlphaDawg Same, Guess we might get to see UGA in other parts of the world soon enough

  64. Bulldawg Bob2

    AlphaDawg It’s very likely. I never though the NCAA would actually ban them, but there you go.