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UGA Recruiting Daily 07-June-2016

Kirby Smart and Nolan Smith
Kirby Smart and Nolan Smith
Photo: Greg Poole/Bulldawg Illustrated


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Greg is closing in on 11 years writing about and photographing UGA sports. While often wrong and/or out of focus, it has been a long, strange trip full of fun and new friends.

166 responses on “UGA Recruiting Daily 07-June-2016

  1. DallasDawg

    Per the discussion below if Kirby fails to deliver I’ll be laughing hard as it would serve right to those that insisted on change.

  2. Red Dawn

    Prior to the playoff and following Corch Urban’s lobbying that prevented a OSU vs Meechigan rematch it was a rather easy path to a natty for SEC schools. Each team was spotted 1 to 2 “bad” losses with the SECCG winner earning the right to play for the title. It was done by LSU, Bama, Gatuhs and the Barn. You are ignoring stats and facts if you think it’s all attributable to luck. Kirby will have a harder road in the playoff era, but the window of easy access for SEC champs as passed

  3. PTCDawg

    I don’t get the whole, lets stomp our foot and demand championships as the measure of success. There are just too many things that have to fall in place to consider that as the ultimate criteria.

    A great team can lose because of a fumble at the 1 yard line by your best back, a bogus targeting call at exactly the wrong time, or a lousy spot on a 4th and 1. Good but not great teams can win championships by getting a once in a lifetime pass tip for a touchdown, shortly followed by a once in a lifetime 109 yard fg kick return, or a great spot on a 4th and 1.

    It’s the same mindset that says Dan Marino and Jim Kelly were unacceptable QBs because they never won a Super Bowl but Brad Johnson was great because he did.

    I rather think its more like the golfer who says, I just want to be in the mix on Sunday afternoon. They know that the ball can take funny bounces but they just want to be in the mix on the last nine. Even the greatest of them know the putt is going to lip out some times.

    I look at 7 top 10s in 15 years and I think, there is a coach that is consistently putting quality on the field where others choose to look at the failures. To each his own I reckon.


    I guess all the pieces didn’t fall into place. I’ll check back before bed though! GO DAWGS!

  5. Lucas Rogers

    Poole also tweeted and said hope the pieces fall into place but then deleted it

  6. Reddawg13

    MMCSDAWG Greg Poole I really never looked at how many, but who we beat and how many top 25 teams we beat and one more thing how many championships we won. And that will be my marks for Kirby too.

  7. RumRunnerDoogie

    MMCSDAWG RumRunnerDoogie ahh dont remember that game, thought the blow out at mizzou was last year


    Score Check MMCSDAWG Greg Poole

    True, we need championships, first start with winning the SECe, then the SEC and with winning the SEC comes an invitation into the CFP…  No excuse for not winning the east the last 2 years and 10+ years now since we have won the SEC.  Wins are nice, but championships are the goal and expectation now!

  9. Score Check

    MMCSDAWG Greg Poole
    The bar has been raised.  10 wins a year is not good enough.


    DawgDaddy MMCSDAWG Right, I just don’t see the positives out weighing the negatives with respect to Lambert starting…   I really appreciate all he did for us last year and he will always be a DGD, but there is an obvious separation in onfield talent between him and Eason that is not overcome with his experience.  He will be a valuable asset this season and could really help Eason with the mental and classroom side of being a QB in the SEC, but I believe we will have to score 35 plus points to win a few games and I don’t believe Lambert is the guy to do that.  Can’t wait to see that first snap from scrimmage!  No matter who’s our starting QB!

  11. DawgDaddy

    Greg Poole Booch said – “I asked everyone in our football program, starting with me, is to reinvent themselves. I think every year you have to reinvent yourself. You have to be honest with yourself.”

    If he doesn’t win the SECE this year I think UT will give him an opportunity to reinvent himself elsewhere LOL.

  12. DawgDaddy

    BahitsAgain  yeah, but he will be fired between season’s end and the recruits signing.  Seems a few always flip when the coach is fired.  Just sayin’.

  13. DawgDaddy

    Greg Poole That was the first season I watched any of The Amazing Race, it was pretty brutal to see here take that watermelon full on in the face.  But I still laughed.

  14. DawgDaddy

    Greg Poole they will all have the chance to get him next year if things go as they appear they will.

  15. 1mandawgpack

    MMCSDAWG  I don’t agree with Butch Jones often, but he was correct in that you only have about 4 – 5 seconds to make a first impression, either good or bad.  CKS knows that the strength of the program relates to its recruiting lifeblood and virtually everything he does relates to selling the program.


    Greg Poole So if CMR were still here he would be in 2nd place only behind Saban with 9- to win seasons in 15 attempts.   Can you imagine the pressure Kirby is going to be under these first couple of seasons!  I am totally on board with the coaching change, but he has to deliver and do it soon!  I believe he will!

  17. Doc R

    Is it just me, or does anyone else think that ButtChugging Butch really drives an AMC Pacer??!!


    Greg Poole MMCSDAWG Indeed it is.  I experienced it personally when I was coaching at the pop warner level, I had been an assistant coach and even a HC for one season, then I had the opportunity to join one of our associations best coaching staffs as a defensive line coach and assistant coordinator.  I had only been in this association for a few years but I knew this coach had been involved with the association for a long time and had been the only coach to take a team to the national championships in Orlando.  He was an older guy approximately in his early 60’s when I first started on his staff.  WOW, it was night and day difference to anything I had every been involved in and his organizational skills and motivational skills were second to none I had experienced before.  Working with him for 4 years was enlightening as a coach.

  19. Greg Poole

    rugbydawg79 I’ll let you know when I get back to WS – looking forward to the hot dog

  20. rugbydawg79

    Greg Poole rugbydawg79 It is just outside of Winston Salem — I was ready to buy you a Hot Dog -LOL

  21. Greg Poole

    MMCSDAWG  I was trying to tell y’all about the pace and thought (no wasted time) during spring practice. I have a source who sees 100% of every practice and has for years.  He told me the difference is striking – it is all about the little things – attention to detail.


    There was a post on another site that reinforced my impression of CKS and his impact on our program so far.  He took his younger kid out to the  Youth camp yesterday.  He was very impressed with the organization of the camp and the interaction of current players and staff with the campers and parents.  His son had been to the CMR camp last summer and he came away very impressed with Kirby’s camp and stated… ”  I saw every member of the coaching staff again much different than the Richt camp. I was very impressed with how much the players and coaches interacted with parents and campers. The camp was very well planned and fast paced. Chubb showed no signs of injury and was very energetic(he never stops moving).  Kirby was on hand the whole time and was active compared to Richt who I saw here and there at his camp.”

    Here is the post on CKS Twitter about the camp!  GATA Kirby and #ATD!


    ZippyMorocco MMCSDAWG BahitsAgain Greg Poole Score Check

    I thought he only needed a new BMW I-8…  lol!

  24. ZippyMorocco

    MMCSDAWG BahitsAgain Greg Poole Score Check 
    The coach has to have a 4 year contract to recruit.

  25. RumRunnerDoogie

    Greg Poole BahitsAgain they are bright enough to see possible profits in something so simple lol. i would by a rum st sign

  26. BahitsAgain

    Greg Poole BahitsAgain I think there might be a business in making those signs and selling them.  Maybe, the city should put another sign below it with their web address so people can just order them.

  27. RumRunnerDoogie

    Greg Poole BahitsAgain same reason colorado finally just put “mile 419.9”


    Greg Poole I am predicting he is wrong about the starting QB come UNC…  I’m still sticking with Eason as the game 1 starter!


    Greg Poole how many interviews or articles has there been with CJP since he took over at Alabama as the DC?   One voice coming out of Tuscaloosa and now there is only 1 voice coming out of Athens…  Unlike recent past.


    BahitsAgain Greg Poole Score Check Your probably right, but hopefully most of these kids are smart enough to see thru that charade.  He loses 5-6 more games this year and his butt is gone and they will pay the 2.4 million a year in buyout monies.

  31. Greg Poole

    BahitsAgain >> Either that or they are fending off the multitude of other schools trying to hire him away ##

  32. BahitsAgain

    Greg Poole If it has Kobe, it is only about a 10th of an ounce.  Maybe, they wipe the grease dripping on it from the grills in the owners club house level.

  33. BahitsAgain

    Greg Poole Score Check What is the motivation for this nonsense?  Is it supposedly to help stop negative recruiting?  

    Hey recruit, see!  We have confidence in Gus and are not going to fire him!

  34. Score Check


    They will have to eat that money after firing the Gus Bus for losing 5+ games this year.


    Greg Poole Pulling… knocking people OUT!  I really like this kid!  He will be a great asset on the OL!

  36. dsw61

    BahitsAgain dsw61 MMCSDAWG  I think some of the blame falls on the “stand in the pocket and trust your protection” philosophy that Mason and Lambert took to the extreme. You can also see it in Ramsey. He really stands tall in the pocket even when the pocket is collapsing. Chaney uses more of a Bill Walsh approach…which is to say he deals in reality. I’m expecting the QBs to be a little more mobile this year which should increase their comfort level.

  37. BahitsAgain

    Greg Poole lol, why do you think they needed to put a sign below it warning that it has tracking chips?

  38. dsw61

    Greg Poole I would never let my kid play for a coach who has a philosophy of using expensive material items to recruit teenagers. What a terrible message to send HS kids. The guy is compensating…

  39. BahitsAgain

    Greg Poole DawgLink Once the IPF is operational and as Kirby gets us into the SECc and play-offs, the top recruits will be pleading to get in.

  40. dsw61

    MMCSDAWG dsw61 Agree. Bama for the most part shut Dobbs down last year. Agree he is not a great passer. He relies a lot on short passes. He is smart though and is very comfortable running their offense. If only Lambert was more mobile:)

  41. BahitsAgain

    MMCSDAWG Greg Poole If he continues with the downward vol recruiting trend line, I hope he stays with them for several more years.


    Greg Poole Can’t help himself…  hopefully he’s selling used cars in the next couple of years.


    TeeHDawg Morning Tee…   Not sure about the height, but I will say the photos I’ve seen sure look like he’s bulked up in a good way!  Look forward to seeing what he can do, there is a reason kirby fought so hard to flip him!

  44. TeeHDawg

    Morning guys. Read the story on David Marshall from dawgnation, good piece. It reminded me as to when do we get updated heights and weights for the players? Cause if Marshall is 6-5, he had a good growth spurt before getting to campus.

  45. Reddawg13

    Greg Poole I will say right now that we are going to be elated we have him! He is a grown azz man now!


    dsw61 The key for me against Tenn will be to contain Dobbs in the pocket and force him to throw the ball vice running it.  He is Not a very accurate passer and if we can get pressure on him while containing him in the pocket, I believe we will have a few turnovers from our DB’s!  GATA!


    deltonadawg MMCSDAWG DawgDaddy The wind was pretty bad in a few spot and there were some reported tornadoes…  My hood survived in tact!

  48. deltonadawg

    MMCSDAWG deltonadawg DawgDaddy We got about 5 inches of rain but the wind was not too bad.


    deltonadawg DawgDaddy Morning Deltona!  How was the weather down your way yesterday?  Got pretty nasty here around Jax!

  50. crazydawg87

    I hear you,been crazy busy,can’t get on like I want to, been lurking though

  51. dsw61

    deltonadawg dsw61 Good morning! Not quite as good of a morning as it was last week in Siesta Key though:)

  52. Jesse1

    dsw61 Start with minimizing personal fouls that extend drives. A UGA Achilles Heel for a decade now.

  53. dsw61

    Re-watched the 2015 Tennessee-Bama game last night to see how Bama handled Tennessee’s offense. Tennessee scored 7 points in the first quarter and then didn’t score again until about the five minute mark of the fourth quarter. FInal score was 19-14 Bama. Bama’s DBs dropped three to four potential interceptions. Bama was clearly a very tired team having played eight straight games without a break. The three games prior to the Tennessee game were against Georgia, Arkansas and A&M. Tennessee was coming off their bye week and were clearly rested. Hope Kirby can bring some of Bama’s defensive success against Tennessee to Georgia.

  54. Jesse1

    Greg Poole Would love to establish a pipeline to STA. One stop shopping for good kids with strong academics, and of course talent. Browards best talent though AH-P still needs to know we have a program. Sony and IMac repping good for AH-P. Have Geno get working on Grimes.

  55. Jesse1

    Greg Poole Miracle is receivers of any real talent considering Barn.  Barners show em a play or two, and convince these blockheads “This is offense now. Just need you kid.”

  56. Greg Poole

    DawgLink  No,  not in the dark. I think we will see more of these inclusions as UGA continues to raise its status as a preferred destination