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UGA Today 20-Feb-15

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UGA Today

[break] [su_spoiler title=”Click to View UGA News Stories” style=”fancy”] [break] Towns was more than an athlete; he was my friend

[break] [break] Senior Paige Wilson lends leadership and experience to young Georgia softball team

[break] [break] Visualization of SEC Titles Through Time

[break] [break] Trent Thompson’s ability to destroy gaps will take UGA’s defense through the roof
[break] [break] Rock the Steg: Mind games
[break] [break] Sale’s pitch
[break] [break] UGA needs to make the most of $30 million indoor facility
[break] [break] Georgia Sports Blog
[break] [break] Georgia Recruiting: 2016 RB Antonio Williams is Already Hearing from the Bulldogs – The Lady Sportswriter
[break] [break] Top 5: Fastest players on UGA’s team
[break] [break] Here Are The Only 13 Teams That Can Win Next Year’s College Football Playoff
[break] [break] Amaechi came a long way to play for Bulldogs
[break] [break] It’s never too early in football recruiting
[break] [break] Ex-UGA star Aaron Murray to lead camp
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Other News

[break] [su_spoiler title=”Click to View SEC and National News ” style=”fancy”] [break] Why is the NCAA so bad? Here’s a perfect example

[break] [break] The Beginning of the End for Spurrier at SCAR?

[break] [break] [su_youtube_advanced url=”” autohide=”no”] [break] [break] Report: Push for playoff expansion losing steam for next season
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Dawg Treats


Music by PanicFan

[break] [su_spoiler title=”Click For Music” style=”fancy”] [break] [su_box title=”Box Car Willie” box_color=”#3c3939″ title_color=”#ffffff”] [break] Walbash Cannonball
[su_youtube_advanced url=”
” autohide=”no”] [break] Hank Williams medley
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Hobo Heaven
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The Wind of Yesterday
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Random Videos

[break] [su_spoiler title=”Click For Videos” style=”fancy”] [su_box title=”Today’s Video Selections” box_color=”#3c3939″ title_color=”#ffffff”] [break] [break] [su_youtube_advanced url=”″ autohide=”no”] [break] [break] [su_youtube_advanced url=”” autohide=”no”] [break] [break] [su_youtube_advanced url=”” autohide=”no”] [break] [break] [su_youtube_advanced url=”” autohide=”no”] [break] [break] [su_youtube_advanced url=”” autohide=”no”] [break] [break] [su_youtube_advanced url=”” autohide=”no”] [break] [break] [su_youtube_advanced url=”” autohide=”no”] [break] [break] [/su_box] [/su_spoiler] [break] [su_divider] [break] [break] [ts_fab]

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Greg is closing in on 15 years writing about and photographing UGA sports. While often wrong and/or out of focus, it has been a long, strange trip full of fun and new friends.