Unlimited Football Scholarships?

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Unlimited Football Scholarships?

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[break] One of the many NCAA lawsuits winding through the courts has a very interesting component. It seeks to end the arbitrary restriction of 85 scholarships per school for FBS subdivision institutions. Can you imagine telling SEC schools that they now have unlimited football scholarships at their disposal?

[break] [break] You can read more about the case here and here. The scholarship restriction component of the case appears to be included to bolster the argument that scholarships are routinely stripped from athletes for competitive reasons. It would be interesting to see the scholarship restriction itself challenged.
[break] [break] Ending the restriction on scholarships and implementing full cost of attendance 4 years grants would completely change the CFB landscape. Each school would decide how many players it could afford to bring in for each sport.
[break] [break] Capitalism is messy.

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