Video/Transcript: JT Daniels and Kenny McIntosh Interviews – September 22, 2021

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Video/Transcript: JT Daniels and Kenny McIntosh Interviews – September 22, 2021

On JT when he’s in the huddle….
“He’s a leader. Tells us what we have to get done in the huddle, lets us know all of our assignments. He lets us know to go out there and play as hard as we can and be prepared. He’s that type of guy to carry the team in any way he wants to. He’s a great leader and he plays that real well.”

On the defensive line and who’s the most athletic…
“Our whole front seven is very athletic, I feel like all of those guys can definitely go to the next level and play. It’s a frustration running against them everyday in practice so I can’t really pick one guy out. The whole front seven, the whole defense is just tough to run the ball against and catch the ball. Practices always turn into this competition, we’re always going out there to compete so it’s hard running against those guys especially JD (Jordan Davis). Everybody on that defense is definitely going to the next level.”

On George Pickens recovery….
“I think he’s doing well, I think he’s getting healthier by the day. Like you said, he’s out there running with us now. He’s feeling really comfortable, he’s getting his comfortability back. I feel like having him around the team is going to allow the wide receiver group to go to the next level like we’re capable of doing. But with him around, it’s going to bring a lot more excitement to the team, a lot more energy, and stuff like that because that’s what he brings as a player. Just him being around there, it shows.”





On third down conversions…
“Third down is a huge deal for me, personally and I think for quarterbacks everywhere. When you talk about third down conversion and are in third down, there is a lot less to do terms of play action, a lot less to in terms of running the ball, RPO’s, a lot of things that make the games easier kind of go away when third down comes. So, a lot of third down is a lot of pure drop back passing, something that I have always prided myself in and something that I am always looking to improve on being the type of quarterback that I am. Drop back passing has got to be a significant attribute of mine. So, third down passing for me is an indicator of how well I am doing and how well our offense is doing in terms of execution and the drop back pass game.”
On his health… 
“You know it is getting better every day. It is something that’s been hurt since fall camp. It never really goes away, we played Clemson, and there was a little dip, so we focused on rehabbing, more of that last week. We rehabbed as much as we could but this week, we are still doing the same thing, same plan. It is just going to keep getting better and better.”
On starting opportunity at Georgia… 
“I just, continue to take it day by day. I didn’t even realize it has been over a year, obviously it has, but it is not something that I have really thought about. In terms of it, but I think when I look back, I see a lot of growth on my part. Significantly in terms of my leadership, my ability to develop connections with the whole team, I’ve gotten a lot better with that. I think I have gotten significantly better in terms of understanding the game of football, and it helps coming to a new league. It is very different schematically, offensively, and defensively. But in terms of what is left, I am just going to keep taking it week-by-week. Always have, always will. That is a big emphasis for us, I am fully focused on Vanderbilt. The Vandy game we got on Saturday. I am not worried about what comes after that.”









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