Video/Transcript: Kirby Smart Postgame Presser – Georgia vs. Arkansas

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Video/Transcript: Kirby Smart Postgame Presser – Georgia vs. Arkansas

Opening statement …   

““The opening remark would be how incredible our fanbase is. They answered the bell today. I think all of you guys will admit that they were elite and we noticed it. To come out there in warmups, and coming out the tunnel to see every seat full at a noon kick is special. It’s special to be at Georgia, and they impacted the game. The first series for Arkansas on offense, our crowd was extremely disruptive. I thought our crowd impacted the blocked punt in terms of cadence and things like that, which forced a touchdown. So, I give our crowd, the fans, at least 10 points ‐‐  and that’s big. We were patient today but aggressive, and that’s hard to beat. It’s hard to beat that in football, but we were patient and aggressive, and that’s important. We preached that all week ‐‐ one series at a time, not getting ahead of ourselves. I felt like Arkansas had a really good team, but that if we were patient while still being aggressive and physical that we could at least impose some of our own will. I have a lot of respect for Sam (Pittman) and his staff and their team, they have a really good football team, but today our crowd was very impactful.”   





On the run game…. 

“Well, it’s called scheme. I mean, it’s not a reinvigorated run game as much as it is you take what they give you. And we felt like it was important to play the game patient, but you’re aggressive. And I would have definitely thought there might have been 53 runs in this game, 57 runs, whatever there were because that was the kind of game plan that we needed to approach it with. And you know that it might be different next week. The best teams I’ve ever been around can take on the personality of what they need to take on. I’m really proud of the offensive line. I’m proud of the offensive coaching staff. We did an incredible job game‐ planning against what is a very good defense, in my opinion, a very good defense. And they did a really good job of game‐planning for that. So it had nothing to do with Stetson Bennett, the quarterback, it had nothing to do with a reinvigorated running game, it had to do with what we thought it took to win.” 





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