Video Transcript: Mike Bobo Postgame Presser – Georgia vs. South Carolina 2020

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Video Transcript: Mike Bobo Postgame Presser – Georgia vs. South Carolina 2020

Opening Statement

“Hats off to Georgia. They came in and dominated the game in all three phases. More physical than us at the line of scrimmage and it showed. Too many lost yardage plays offensively to get us behind the chains and not enough explosive plays offensively. Defensively the number one thing is we couldn’t stop the run. Inability to get off the field on third down. Just a long night. Hats off to them. We got one more week against Kentucky and we’ll challenge the guys with one more opportunity to go fight. We’re going to find out who wants to fight. If you want to fight they’ll be on the plane going to Lexington.”

On the effort shown by Luke Doty and Kevin Harris tonight





“It was good to see Luke, I’m looking at his numbers, he completed a high percentage of passes. Obviously, the two turnovers are not good but sometimes you’re going to make mistakes as a young player. But his competition and the way he competes is something that can be built around. We just finished talking in the locker room and Luke was the one that broke it down, which was good to see. Taking ownership of his play and this team, that’s what this team needs, leadership. For a freshman to step up and be vocal was good to see. Kevin Harris, it was a tough 53 yards that he gained. I know he had four catches for 30 yards. I wish we could have gave him a little more space, but that’s a tough defense to run against. I thought it wasn’t his best game statistically but it was he best game for yards after contact. Really good game by him.”

On the 98-yard fourth quarter drive and the character the team showed executing it

“I’ve been proud of these guys the last couple weeks. When things haven’t gone well there’s been a continuation of fight and effort and strain. Offensively they’ve been led by Sadarius Hutcherson up there. We got it on the two and said ‘let’s go 98.’ The guys played for 60 minutes. They didn’t look at the scoreboard, obviously, it wasn’t in our favor. To do that at the end of the game with some young players in there, Luke Doty and Rashad Amos busting a run, and I can’t say enough about Nick Muse and the way he played. Nick Muse is made of the right stuff, he really is. He’s what you want as a Gamecock because he cares. It’s important to him and it shows in his play.“





On how the seniors approached Senior Night and their final home game

“I think it starts with all those guys. You want to look at your legacy as ‘how many wins’ or ‘what you left he program with’ but the legacy of these seniors is showing the young guys how you don’t quit. When you’re not dealt the hand that you want you continue to fight. I’m proud of those guys, especially number 50 on the offensive line, Sadarius Hutcherson. I think it showed a lot when he ran on the field and all those lineman ran out just to take a picture with him. He’s played really well this year and it’s been about the team, it’s not been about him. That’s what these seniors will leave these guys with. That thought of we’re going to continue to fight and play out butts off no matter the circumstances.





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