Video/Transcript: Sam Pittman Postgame Presser – Georgia vs. Arkansas

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Video/Transcript: Sam Pittman Postgame Presser – Georgia vs. Arkansas

Opening statement… 

“I just want to start out by congratulating Georgia. They have ‐‐  at this point ‐‐ by far the best football team we played. Kirby had his team ready, and I didn’t ‐‐ that is the bottom line. There were a lot of mistakes in the game. But the bottom line is that we were not where we needed to be physically yet because they dominated on both sides of the ball. Certainly, our special teams early in the game were not productive. We wanted to come in and start fast, take their crowd out of the game, and the opposite happened. They put us in a hole, and we couldn’t climb out of it because of their physicality.” 

On his takeaways from the game… 





“Well, a bunch of it was that we started in a hole. We worked on the movement and all that but definitely not enough because we had several jump offsides. You know, it is hard to get 10 against Georgia let alone 15 and on the first one it was 20. Guys, I don’t want to simplify this, but they just whipped us physically. It wasn’t guys in the backfield turned loose or anything like that, we just couldn’t block them. We couldn’t get our blocks a lot of the day. Then, when we did, it took us a long time to get them on the ground. We have to get better, and we will. But today they just were more physical than us and kind of played bully ball on us and made us like it. We didn’t like it but there was nothing we could do about it at times in the game. They were just rolling us out of there on both sides of the line of scrimmage.” 





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