Video/Transcript: Sedrick Van Pran, Payne Walker, and Chris Smith Interviews – October 04, 2021

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Video/Transcript: Sedrick Van Pran, Payne Walker, and Chris Smith Interviews – October 04, 2021

On playing at Auburn…
“I have heard a lot about the Auburn experience, the atmosphere. That is something I am personally looking forward to because it will be my first time. I look forward to taking on the challenge.”
On having a veteran quarterback like Stetson Bennett
“Well, I think the great thing that our quarterbacks do is that they definitely add a calming effect into the game. They stay calm, they lead in the right way and in a positive manner. I think just having that veteran experience from all of our quarterbacks just helps calm guys down and keep a level head throughout the game.”

On Dan Jackson
“Well Dan is one of the hardest working guys I know. He is also one of the best guys I know. Ever since he has gotten here he has gotten his work done. He kind of keeps his head down and down and doesn’t say a lot. I think that speaks volumes for his performance and how he has played so well this year. He is very focused, focused on his athletics and his academics. His overall aurora of just being an everyday guy that is going to show up and show out.”





On the development of the team…
“This offseason we focused a lot on connection, physicality, toughness and resiliency. I think over the last couple of games that you have seen that all of those have been very present in the way we play. As far as going forward, we are always focused on the next game. Eager to have this opportunity to play Auburn on the road and we are excited for it.

On next week’s matchup with Auburn… 
“I’m stepping out on the field and giving my all every play. D-Rob (Demetris Robertson) used to be on our team, but once we get in between those lines, it’s time to do what I do best.” 
On the Arkansas game… 
“It was a challenge. A lot of new receivers running pretty good routes and things like that. But we prepared a lot for the kind of offense that they have. They have a great offensive coordinator, a very mobile quarterback with a good deep threat going, pretty good receivers – 16 is pretty good. We knew we were going to have to clamp him to win the game. So, it took a lot of preparation. There is definitely a lot more going on in the back end then y’all probably saw just because of the front end doing their job. There are a bunch of pieces back there, and everything has to be perfect for us to be able to execute.” 









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